3 Things Customers Look for in a Mechanic Workshop

11 Oct 2019

When customers book their car into a new automotive workshop which they haven’t been to before, they might be a little concerned or unsure whether this workshop is reliable. They don’t want to be overcharged or talked into repairs that they don’t need.

Customers use their common sense to determine if a mechanic is reliable, but they also look for specific things to make their judgment.

Reliable online workshop system

Strong Customer Service

Great mechanics are able to relate well to their customers. They are able to communicate effectively with them and put them at ease about the

diagnosis and repair suggestions. To do this mechanics not only need to speak to the customer clearly and honestly, but they also need to prepare and provide professional quotes that explain the job and

price charged in detail, giving them a printed or emailed quote will create a sense of assurance and reliability, they can always refer to it to compare quotes or keep it for their own reference. A messy hand written job card or quote is the last thing customers want to see.

Good Diagnostic Skills and Warranties on Workmanship

Customers would expect the mechanic to quickly identify the source of a problem and other related issues, they will also expect you to answer their questions and have the solution for the problem. If you were able to repair the vehicle and install a spare part, customers will expect you to give them a written warranty on both the parts and workmanship, if mechanics don’t do that customers will go elsewhere. No one would want to waste their money on repairs they are unsure about.

Up-to-Date Technology

Technology and cars are continually changing, and great mechanics stay on top of these changes so they can best serve their customers.

Mechanics not only need to be knowledgeable on the most common problems and trends in the automotive industry, but they will also use technology to manage their workshops and communicate with their customers.

Workshop Management System

As technology becomes an integral part of our everyday life, we use electronic calendars, emails and reminders to keep our appointments and important dates, your customers are no exception, customers would love an SMS or email reminder when their car is due for service, or a booking reminder for a booking they have previously booked with you but then forgot about.

Using technology allows you to keep this ongoing relationship with your customers and gives you a competitive advantage over other workshops.