3 Tips To Get Customers To Return To Your Workshop

24 Apr 2019

As a workshop owner, you already know retaining customers is important. That’s because repeat customers spend 67% more than new ones, which is invaluable for your business. We’ve put together some simple tips to get customers to return to your workshop.

Track And Manage Customer Reviews Online

Mechanic manage customer reviews

Good service leads to satisfied customers. You know this and always focus on great customer service yourself, but is your staff doing the same? The problem is even a small issue could anger customers and turn them away. And angry customers often vent online, which will hurt your reputation and could be devastating for your workshop. With 82% of customers leaving because of poor customer service, how can you prevent this?

Firstly, train your workshop staff to provide awesome customer service. Next, track and manage all reviews on Google, social media and review sites. Take the time to address them all because it demonstrates your customer focus.

A good review shows customers are satisfied – thank them and invite them back. A bad review means something went wrong with your customer service – address this immediately as it shows your commitment to fixing genuine pain points. When customers feel their frustrations have been addressed, they’ll give you a second chance. You’ll even convince new customers to walk through your doors too since 84% trust online reviews in the same way as a personal recommendation.

Build Personal Rapport With Customers

Mechanic great customer service

Customers who feel that a business knows them well will feel more appreciated and will return. The only reason loyal customers turn away is because they feel that a business doesn’t care. In fact, 68% of customers will leave a business because they think it is indifferent.

You can change that by building personal rapport with your customers. But this can be hard when hundreds of people walk through your doors every month. A good way to make it easy is to automate important customer information, send automatic reminders and save service history. You’ll be able to pull up this data mere minutes before your customers arrive, allowing you to show how well you know them.

When customers feel like you know them and their vehicles well, they will feel valued and will return. Plus, it gives your workshop a far more professional appearance.

Send Reminders About Car Services And Repair Jobs

People are forgetful. It’s human nature. They may forget about servicing their cars on time. They may even forget about an existing appointment at your workshop. This translates into lost business – leaving you with unnecessary free time and loss of earnings.

Send SMS and email reminders to let customers know when their cars need a service or when a repair job is scheduled at your workshop. An SMS is opened 98% of the time, so your message will almost always get read.

When customers receive reminders without feeling forced, they’re encouraged to return for a service or repair. They will help you reduce the number of no-shows at your workshop.

In conclusion,
Existing customers spend more and are easier to convert, which is why retaining them is more profitable than winning new ones. Workshop Mate System offers exciting customer retention features like SMS and email reminders, customer data, vehicle history, and booking schedules to help you put your customers front and centre.