3 Ways Technology Makes It Easier To Communicate With Customers... And Improves Profits

25 Feb 2019

Every successful workshop must rely on good communication to keep customers loyal and prevent them from turning to competitors. But when you also need to focus on the quality of your products and services, how can you do both?

Smart technology has made it easier for you to communicate with your customers without taking up too much of your time – so you don’t lose focus on your business and are able to book more profits in the long run.

Remind Your Customer When They Need A Service

SMS Reminders

Time poor customers don’t realise when they are due for a service and appreciate organised Companies that send reminders. This gives you a great opportunity to communicate and impress your customers with relevant information they want to hear.

Most busy customers today don’t have time to deal with phone calls and prefer communication via text or email. Integrating automated SMS and email reminders about an upcoming service or oil change allows you to easily communicate without taking up your and your customer’s time.

Show Your Customers You Know Their Car

Workshop Bookings

Existing customers will spend 67% more dollars on average than new ones, which is why it’s important to retain them. But no customer wants to deal with a business that doesn’t know them and their vehicle history.

Having easy and instant access to service history without having to rummage through stacks of paperwork can help you provide valuable advice in seconds when a customer contacts you.

This not only demonstrates your expertise as an auto repair specialist, but also makes a customer trust your workshop more and not look elsewhere.

Streamline Bookings To Reduce Frustration

Workshop Bookings

Statistics prove, poor customer service causes 82% of customers to stop doing business with a company.

To avoid customer frustration by double booking yourself, you’ll want to make sure all booking times and dates are properly organised in a single system.

You’ll also be able to notify a customer when you complete a job so they can pick up their car without any delay by simply clicking a few buttons.

To conclude,
Workshop Mate Web Software has already made these amazing customer communication features available to you. Are you taking advantage of them to improve your customer relationships and boost your profits?