5 Features Your Workshop Management Software Must Have

03 May 2021 Helpful Tips

A great workshop management software will streamline your day-to-day workshop processes. Workshop management software's make it so much easier to control, manage and grow.

Workshop Mate has put together a quick guide on the 5 must-have features your workshop management software needs.

What Workshop Management software features are important?

With so many features available for workshops it can be hard to know what features are the most important. We've narrowed down list to 5-must have features:

  1. Job Management
  2. Parts Inventory
  3. Automated Reminders
  4. Unlimited Users
  5. Instant Support

1. Job Management

Job Management is an essential feature for all mechanical workshops. Job Management tools will simplify the way you manage your day-to-day jobs. A great job management feature should analyse and report on the efficiency of your mechanics. 

2. Parts Inventory

Another must-have for your Workshop Management software is parts inventory. A parts inventory feature should accurately track every time you sell or acquire a part. It should remove the need for manual time-consuming stock take processes. The system should give you an instant overview of your stock numbers at any one time – you should no longer need to wait for the end of the month to find out where you sit as a workshop.

3. Automated reminders

Statistics show that 98% of people open a text message within 5 minutes of receiving it. How long do you spend on the phone chasing customers? It’s a frustrating task that could be automated.

Your workshop management software should have an automated reminder feature that sends customers an reminder when a job has been completed - without you needing to manually type it.

4. Unlimited Users

A workshop management software that offers unlimited users at one fixed price will give you a centralised platform to manage your business. Your team needs to be one the same page. There is no point having a system if only the select few can use it.  

5. Instant Support

Your Workshop management software provider should provide you with instant support and full training. Some providers are based overseas and are often unavailable! 

You should have the peace of mind knowing you are supported 24/7.

Where Workshop Mate can help?

Workshop Mate by Jeal is a simple and adaptable workshop management software that automates  the day-to-day tasks of running a mechanical workshop.

Get all-in-one quotes, invoices, barcoding, parts inventory, SMS reminders, service history, job allocation and tracking, Xero/MYOB integration, and more to help you run your workshop efficiently.

Get set up in 10 minutes or less! Fast and Easy Data import, No new installations and software upgrades and 24/7 phone support from a local team.

If you’ve never used Workshop Mate, now is the best time to have a go. Call us on 1300 473 744 to find what sets us apart or click below to start your trial.

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