5 Ways Your Workshop Can Save-Time and Get More Vehicle Repairs Done

23 May 2023 Helpful Tips


Let’s face it, in the Auto Repair Industry time is money. The faster you and your mechanics can get service and repairs done, the happier customers will be and the more bookings your shop will be able to cater for.

Sound easy right? This may surprise you to hear but there are ways that your Workshop can save time and get more vehicle repairs done without making any drastic changes or spending enormous amounts of money.

Workshop Mate has put together 5 Ways Your Workshop Can Save-Time and Get More Vehicle Repairs Done.

1. Implement Online Bookings

How long do you or your mechanics spend by the phone or computer taking and confirming customer bookings? It’s no question how important customer bookings are for your Workshop but that doesn’t mean your mechanics need to sit by the phone or computer manually taking them.

To be successful in the Auto Repair Industry your mechanics need to focus 100% of the time on servicing and repairing vehicles. One of the fastest and easiest ways to save-time and get more repairs done is by implementing online bookings for your customers.

Having your own Workshop Website that includes a bookings form will give customers the ability to book online at a time that suits them best. The benefit of having an Online Bookings form for your shop is you won’t need to have a mechanic by the phone or computer constantly taking and confirming bookings. On the flip side the benefit for your customers is they don’t need to manually call or email their request. They can simply fill in your short form, pick a date and confirm the booking – everybody wins!

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2. Automate Customer Reminders

Another tedious but all too familiar role for many mechanics is chasing customers to notify them of a job completion or additional required works. As most would know, it is almost impossible to get through to a customer on the first attempt. The more time your mechanics spend chasing customers, the less work that will get done.

Another fast and easy way to save time is by automating customer reminders. Using an SMS service, your shop can automatically trigger messages to be sent to your customers when a job has been completed or if you need additional works to be completed.

The benefit of automating customer reminders through an SMS service is it reduces mechanic manual labor. Your mechanics won’t need to manually spend time finding a customer’s contact info and manually calling for confirmation or approval.

3. Take Advantage of Workshop Management Software

Believe it or not a Workshop Management Software will save your shop both time and money. To cater for more vehicles, your Workshop cannot afford to have any mechanic completing manual management tasks. This is where a Workshop Management Software is so beneficial!

The benefit of implementing a Workshop Management Software is the system automates many of the daily management tasks of operating a Mechanical Workshop. Tasks like bookings, job management, stock management, invoicing and business reporting can be automated in the background as you trade. The less time your team spends on manual tasks the more time they will have to service and repair vehicles.

4. Offer Pre-Payment

Another fast and easy way of saving time at your Workshop is to offer pre-payment. Think about it, how long do you spend after a service or repair on the payment process? How much easier would it be if a customer could come, pick up their keys and go?

Offering pre-payment options for your services will enhance the buying experience for your customer and more importantly give your mechanics more time to service vehicles.

5. Invest in New Equipment

It’s no secret that the Automotive Industry is constantly changing. Every day there are new technologies and equipment being introduced that can speed up the service and repair process.

To speed up services and repairs it is important that your Workshop continues to research and implement new equipment or technologies when they become available. Above all else investing in new equipment will help set your Workshop up for sustainable ongoing growth.

Final Word,

As A Workshop owner your number one priority is to service and repair as many vehicles daily as possible. The only way that your Workshop will be able to cater for more customer requests is by implementing faster, cheaper ways of doing business. The 5 tips presented are a few ways your Workshop can save-time and get more vehicle repairs completed in 2023.

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