Department of Fair Trading are now out in force checking Form 2 Parts Register


Under the current Motor Vehicle Repairs Act, repairers are required to keep records of all traceable motor vehicle parts that are acquired. As a mechanic, you will now be required to keep records for prescribed parts in a set format.

Workshop mate has now made this form available to you in the software; watch our demo video here to learn how to use it.

Workshop Form 2

Form 2: Motor Vehicle Repairers’ Register

“© State of New South Wales through NSW Fair Trading”

Motor vehicle repairers will be required to include information about the following parts in the Motor Vehicle Repairers’ Register:

  • chassis
  • major body section
  • bonnet
  • right side door (front)
  • left side door (front)
  • right side door (back)
  • left side door (back)
  • hatchback door
  • boot lid
  • right front guard
  • left front guard
  • front bumper bar
  • bumper bar
  • engine/engine block
  • gearbox/transmission/transaxle (front wheel drive vehicles)
  • instrument cluster/odometer/hour gauge
  • car radio/tape/compact disc (CD equipment)
  • electronic navigation equipment
  • multimedia equipment
  • airbags and air curtains (side impact airbags)
  • alloy wheels
  • seats
  • final drive (differential for rear wheel drive vehicles)
  • headlights

To make your life easier we have built in this form in our system to save you time and money. Watch Demo to see how it works! For any enquiries call Tracey on 02 9623 6403.