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22 Apr 2018

Mechanics productivity at an all-time high with Workshop Mates Automated SMS appointment remind

Look forward to 100% of your Job bookings actually showing up. Not only do they show up but they tend to be on time because your NEW Software automatically sends them a reminder to their phone a day before their appointment.

Slash your bookkeepers bill with WorkshopMate’s New Capricorn reconciliation report

One report shows all products purchased through your Capricorn account. No more guessing and no more bills reconciling your purchases to Capricorns invoice. Earn more Capricorn points with confidence

Brilliant customer service is made easy with the NEW electronic Booking Diary

One single page allows you to view the entire months schedules and then drill down to your preferred day for more detail. Add your New customer booking at the same time with ease.

Profit on EVERY job by keeping track with the new Clock on clock off Job tracker

t’s never been easier to keep track of mechanics activity and work out a true labour cost on every job. This new feature puts YOU in the driver’s seat with a no more guessing policy.

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