How to Create Customer Loyalty in your Mechanic Workshop

22 Apr 2018

Every year mechanical workshop owners lose thousands of dollars on cancelled bookings and customer no shows. Everybody lives such busy lifestyles these days, it’s no wonder they simply forget their bookings and simply don’t show up. It becomes your problem to solve.

Workshop mechanic handing over car to client

Repeated customers are the core of any business, it is easier to keep an existing customer rather than winning a new one. But how do you make sure that you are keeping those customers loyal?

If your workshop consistently receives higher-than-average returning customers score, you may believe that a good percentage of your customers are happy and therefore loyal. But in fact, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are two completely different things. Workshop Mate can help you achieve both loyalty and satisfaction with a few simple steps.

Workshop Mate offers an automatic SMS and Email reminder feature to keep your customers informed while you are on the run. It allows you to send bookings and service reminders to your busy customers, eliminating no shows and reminding them of when their cars are due for service.

The service reminder feature in Workshop Mate is a great tool to bring customers back to your workshop. A regular car service reminder that comes through SMS is guaranteed to be read. SMS messages on mobile devices have a 99% open rate. You will never miss a booking or lose an existing customer again.

Excellent customer service provides the business with a competitive edge and goes a long way to portraying professionalism and competency.

Workshop Mate will help you:

  1. Increase sales
  2. Increase profits
  3. Improve customer loyalty
  4. Provide your customers with personalised service
  5. Make effective communication with your customers quick and easy

A business guru was once asked: what are the three most important factors for a business to be successful. His reply was ‘Communication, Communication and Communication.’

Start communicating with your customers and develop a win-win relationship with Workshop Mate.

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