How to deliver a “Wow” customer experience from your Workshop!

29 Jul 2020

How to give WOW customer experience from your workshop

Providing a good car servicing or repair job is only half the battle won. If your customers don’t have a “Wow” experience, it's possible they may pass you by on their next job. Here’s how to deliver the best workshop experience for new and old customers –

Get your booking saved on your client's calendar

Once you book an appointment, always send an invite with the appointment time and date from your email or phone calendar, so the customer has to accept and can drop it into their calendar. Not only does this make you look more professional, but it also gives you the opportunity to get it in their calendar automatically - reducing the chance of a no-show.

Send an SMS reminder the day before their appointment

Life is busier than ever, so forgetting an appointment is easily done. When this happens, not only do you lose out big time, but the customer may be too embarrassed to return in future. A simple automated SMS the day before will solve this problem for good. An SMS is read 98% of the time – making it the absolute best way to get your customers to turn up for scheduled appointments.

Leave a small unexpected gift in the car

You can buy mugs,  T-shirts, key rings, car scents, stickers, etc quite cheap. These will double as an unexpected gift and continuous advertising for you. You can picture your customers jumping back in their car unwrapping their gift with a big smile on their face.

Give each car an unexpected clean

Washing cars as part of a service is an oldie but goodie. It is rarely done these days but it certainly creates the “Wow” factor. That extra effort and old-fashioned service goes a long way.

Stay in touch with old customers

It costs a lot of money advertising to bring in new customers, so the goal is not to lose existing customers by reminding them when it is time for a service.

A simple SMS reminder puts your workshop front and centre and can bring you repeat business with no effort. Most customers appreciate organised workshops that send service reminders. Some workshop management software providers offer automated SMS reminders for as little as 10 cents per SMS - making them cost-effective and highly efficient.

Get personal with a little help from your Workshop Software

Use the client notes section in your software to record personal information that your customers share with you. How could they leave you when you remember their birthdays, their children's names or even their holidays. It is a fact that most people change suppliers because they perceive that the suppliers don’t care.

Grow your reputation with online reviews

90% of people read online reviews before buying anything. Your digital reputation is more important than ever. Ask for a Google or a Facebook review every time you service a car.

When potential customers read about the great experience at your workshop, they are far more likely to contact you. Plus, asking for reviews is a great way to get some honest feedback about what’s working and what isn’t to help you improve customer satisfaction.

Deliver something your customers don’t expect

Going this extra mile can be easy. Plus, it has the potential to elevate your customer’s experience and encourages them to keep coming back. It is a proven fact that repeat customers spend more than new customers.

While a workshop management system can’t help you with cleaning and detailing, it should be able to do everything else for you. If not, it’s time to look at Workshop Mate, a web-based software that runs your business tasks efficiently and gives you all the tools you need to deliver the “Wow” factor people rave about.

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