How To Keep Track of Your Workshop Expenses?

05 Feb 2021

Have you ever struggled to account for missing stock? If you are using manual spreadsheets or out of date software, you may be losing thousands each year.

Here’s how to keep track of your workshop expenses and increase your profit -

Integrate your workshop accounting to your workshop software

Integrated accounting is the combining of your Workshop accounting and your Workshop Management software.

Software accounting programs such as Xero and MYOB are the most popular choices for workshop accounting today because they can be accessed remotely at any time Plus, they can easily be integrated to your workshop management software.

The key benefit of integrated accounting is your workshop avoids costly double errors that are often associated with duplicate data entry. 

Manage your parts inventory in one location

Using a workshop management software your workshop can manage your parts inventory from one central location. You will know exactly what you have in stock and what needs to be ordered for specific repair jobs.

A workshop management software removes the risk of error that often occur when using multiple or paper systems.

Get a workshop software with unlimited users

Your workshop management software should support unlimited users without costing you anything more. Many Workshop Management Systems charge per user. The problem with this is it does not put everyone on the same page.

Getting a Workshop Software with unlimited users puts your team on the same page. Your mechanics can all log into one software and automatically know what they need to work on and what others are working on.

A workshop management software with unlimited users removes common miscommunication scenarios that hurt cashflow.

Where Workshop Mate can help?

Workshop Mate by Jeal is a complete, easy to use, web-based Workshop Management system designed to simply the way you manage your mechanical workshop from anywhere, at any time. Workshop Mate provides you with all the features needed to reduce workshop costs and increase efficiency. From Parts Inventory to integrated accounting and everything in-between, Workshop Mate is completely scalable for Workshops of all sizes.

Unlimited users – Any device – One System

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