How To Promote Your Workshop Via Mobile 

04 Jun 2019

Today, people do everything online. They search for products and services! They communicate with businesses! They check their emails! They chat!

And most of them do it on their mobile devices. In fact, the average person spends more than four hours a day on mobiles

If you’re not connecting with existing and new customers through mobile, you could be missing out. Some tips: 

Share Email Remindersemail media

A good way to connect with existing customers is via email. Most people check their emails on their mobile devices. A service or appointment reminder prompts them to call you instantly, gets you repeat business and reduces the rate of no-shows. 

It's always a good idea to have your phone number included in your email so users can easily contact your workshop.   

Use SMS Reminders Effectively  

SMS Reminders

An SMS is read 98% of the time. This makes it the most effective way to reach out to new and existing customers for your workshop.  

A good way to use SMS is to remind customers of upcoming appointments or let them know when a service is due. Always add in your contact information so they just have to click to instantly connect with your workshop.  

Quickly Respond To Queries5 data-udi=

Customer enquiries can come to you in so many ways. They may write to you via social media, email or SMS. They may even call you because they want to make instant decisions.  

Let’s look at aexample. A customer needs his tyres inspected immediately and sends you an email, SMS or calls you from his mobile. If you respond instantly and know his history, he feels appreciated and will visit your workshop the same day. If you respond after a few hours, the customer may visit another workshop.   

You should always have instant access to your data to respond to these queries. If you can retrieve customer history in seconds, you can personalise communication and increase your business opportunity. 

Workshop Mate  

Mobile users expect quick responses from businesses today. This means you need a workshop system that can automate your operations and free up your time to focus on your customers and their queries.  

Workshop Mate is an integrated, web-based workshop management system that allows you access at anytime from anywhere. You can personalise customer communication, send SMS and email reminders and much more in an instant – helping you win more business for higher profits. 

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