How to run your workshop smoothly during Covid-19?

27 Apr 2020

Mechanic working from home during Covid-19

There’s a good chance Covid-19 has impacted the way your workshop operates especially as you follow enhanced hygiene practices and social distancing measures. But car services and repairs cannot be put off for safety reasons so you must find ways to run your workshop as smoothly as possible during Covid-19. Here are some ways to do that –

Get workshop software for unlimited users without having to pay more

Some workshops may choose to offer mobile services, so customers don’t have to physically come to you for repairs. This is a good way to retain business if customers feel stressed about leaving their homes. Your workshop management software should ideally support unlimited users without costing you anything more. This way, your mechanics can finish the repair job, log in their hours, email invoices and so much more the minute they finish their work – whether they’re in your workshop or elsewhere. You can stay on top exactly what job every mechanic is doing even if you’ll are not in the same location. Plus, you wouldn’t have to pay more for this option with the right software solution.

Communicate with your customers

This pandemic has left many people feeling anxious and stressed, making it even easier to forget appointments for car repairs and servicing. You cannot afford to lose out on any business during this time, so make sure you use important tools like SMS and email reminders to connect with your customers ahead of their appointments. The less no-shows you have, the more money you make. You can easily integrate this feature into your workshop management software, so you get a complete solution for all your tasks in one location.

Improve your web presence

Most people, other than essential workers, are working from home. This means, they likely have more time to research mechanics online. If you don’t have a good web presence, now is the time to focus on making it more effective. The reality is 48% of Australians won’t trust a business without a website. If they are spending more time online, a strong web presence is the only way to connect with them.

Link accounting to your workshop software that can be accessed from anywhere

Since your accountant is probably working from home these days, you’ll want them to have access to your financial records, so business remains completely uninterrupted. Software programs like Xero and MYOB are the most popular choices today because they can be accessed remotely. Plus, they can easily be linked to your workshop software program to give you a complete accounting solution, which makes it so much easier during tax time.

Be more efficient with managing parts

Many workshops have found it hard to properly manage their parts inventory, especially if they do it manually. Maintaining multiple files and allocating each part to a repair job is tedious and prone to error. You’ll waste time and money if you end up with unwanted or written-off parts. Your workshop management software should help you manage all your parts from one location, so you know exactly what you have in stock and what needs to be ordered for specific repair jobs. Avoiding unnecessary expenses that put you in the red is so vital at this time, especially when business may be a little more challenging than usual.

And finally,

If you want to run your workshop smoothly during Covid-19, why not try Workshop Mate free. This all-in-one software automates all your day-to-day tasks, tracks and manages mechanic time, controls and manages your parts inventory easily, and so much more.

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