How to save money and improve workshop productivity

28 Feb 2020

Workshop Management Software

As a workshop owner, your biggest priorities are to offer great service, pay your staff and take home a healthy profit. 

Want to know how to save money and improve productivity… at the same time? Read on…

Track jobs and manage mechanic time without leaving your computer screen 

Track jobs and manage mechanic time

Do you know what vehicle your mechanic is currently repairing? When will the job end? Is there another job lined up after this one? It’s simply not efficient (or economical) to ask for a status update from each mechanic and record it manually.

What if your workshop software provided a real-time overview of each mechanic's jobs in one location? Mechanics record notes, clock on and off jobs, enter job details – all of which get instantly updated in your system. It becomes so much easier to allocate mechanics to jobs, create accurate invoices based on repair hours, track time and so much more.

The more efficiently you use your mechanics’ time, the more productive your workshop becomes.

Be transparent, build confidence and grow repeat business with visual records 

Visual mechanic records

Some customers may worry you haven’t repaired the vehicle or replaced a part properly. If they’re not confident in your workshop, they may not come back next time. 

This is an easy fix. A photo app linked to your workshop software lets you easily take before and after pictures of all repair jobs, parts refitting and anything else. Visual proof of the work you’ve done makes your workshop look more transparent. It also helps to avoid conflicts in case of warranty claims.

Customers feel more confident and will come back to your workshop. This is a great way to improve productivity and bring more profits to your workshop.

Control and manage parts inventory more efficiently 

Manage parts

If you manage parts manually and maintain multiple files for different repair jobs, it’s easy to make a mistake. You may end up with the wrong part or too many parts for the same job. You waste time trying to return unwanted parts or may even write off some – hurting both productivity and cashflow.

What if you had the flexibility to automate and manage parts in one central location? You’ll see exactly what is in stock and what you need to order for your jobs. This means less time wasted in fixing issues because you get it right the first time. 

Don’t fly blind! Automate parts tracking to avoid mistakes that put you in the red – and start saving some serious money!

In summary, 

Workshop Mate’s all-in-one software automates day-to-day operations, tracks and manages mechanic time, stores visual records for each job, controls and manages your parts inventory easily, and so much more.

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