How to use Facebook to Grow Your Workshop

06 Apr 2022 Helpful Tips


Social Media is king in 2022! There isn’t a single day that passes where we don’t use social media. When it comes to social media one platform stands above all else – Facebook.

Facebook’s dominance in Australia cannot be understated. To put things into context over 13 million Australian’s have a registered Facebook account and 9 million of those access Facebook daily. With that being said the opportunities available for Workshops on Facebook are endless!

Here’s How Mechanical Workshops can use Facebook to grow bookings in 2022.

Let’s get started.

Create a Facebook Business Page

First and foremost, you need to create your Workshop’s Facebook Business Page. Creating a Facebook Business page gives potential customers a go to destination for your Workshop. Your Facebook Business page should clearly list the services you offer, where your shop is located, and a link to your Workshop Website (if you have one).

Remember, your Facebook Business page is the central destination for all Facebook users, you need to make sure it represents you as a business and has everything that customers look for.

Grow your Facebook Page Following

There’s no point having a Facebook Business Account if you don’t have followers to engage with. After you have set up your Facebook Business Page get your current staff, friends, and family to begin liking the page. Yes, they aren’t going to be customers, but you need to begin growing an audience before you begin promoting the page for customers.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to promote a page with zero followers, the problem with this is some Facebook users may think your page is spam or an unofficial business, so you need to do everything in your power to get as many likes as possible before you start reaching out elsewhere.

Start Posting Content

A mistake that many businesses make on Facebook is creating a Facebook business page and leaving it to sit there collect dust. To grow your following the first thing you need to do is start posting consistent and engaging content.

Content doesn’t have to be long or complex it could be as simple as some images of what you may have recently worked on, any updates you may have about your shop, a discount you may be offering or a customer review. The more content you post the greater chance you have of building your following and increasing your bookings.

Ask your customers to “check in”

A great strategy for growing your bookings through Facebook is by asking your customers to check in to your Facebook business page when they arrive for their regular service or repair.

The benefit of having a customer check into your Facebook business page is friends of that particular customer will be able to see that they checked into your shop. If someone sees their friend gets their car serviced or repaired from you, they may be more enticed to see what you offer and even book in themselves.

To learn how to check in on Facebook click here.

Ask Customers to leave a review on your Facebook Business Page

81% of Australians base their buying decision on online reviews. A great way to increase bookings through Facebook is by asking your current customers to leave a review of the experience on your Facebook business page.

After you have serviced or repaired a customers vehicle, all you need to do is ask the customers if they can rate the experience on your Facebook business page before they leave. Like when a customer checks in, friends of the reviewer will be able to see the review given and could be more motivated to learn more about your Workshop.

Join Facebook Groups

Another great way to generate bookings through Facebook is by joining relevant Facebook Groups. Facebook has thousands of groups based on different topics, interests, where you live etc. You can even make a group yourself.

By joining local groups such as mechanic groups or local community groups, you may be able to offer feedback or promote your services for free. The benefit of joining groups is you can engage with people that you aren’t necessarily friends of yours or followers of your page. This gives you a great opportunity to engage with the right and relevant audience for your shop.

Facebook Ads

Paid Advertisements is a quick and easy way to build a following and generate bookings through Facebook. Facebook Ads are unique online advertisements that serve ads to customers who are looking for a mechanic online within a close radius to your Workshop. Yes, as it is paid ads you may need to invest some money, but budgets can be set as low as $5 a day.

Introducing Facebook Ads by Workshop Mate! Workshop Mate creates, manages, and reports on your entire Facebook Advertisement process without you needing to do anything. From creative to copywriting, Jeal does everything you need – all you need to do is sit back and watch the bookings come in.

To learn more about Facebook Ads by Workshop Mate click here.

Final Word,

Facebook is such a massive opportunity for Mechanical Workshop in 2022. To get the best results out of Facebook you need to make sure you have a clear and concise strategy. Using the tips mentioned above your Workshop will go along way to growing customer bookings through Facebook.

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