How Workshops Can Increase Efficiency in 2022

24 Feb 2022 Helpful Tips


Looking at increasing your Workshops efficiency but don’t know where to start? Increasing efficiency at your Workshop isn’t as hard as some may believe. In 2022, the best way to achieve great workplace efficiency is by transitioning tedious manual labour tasks to technology.

Here is How Australian Workshops Can Increase Efficiency in 2022.

1. Automate Customer Bookings

How long do your mechanics spend on the phone taking bookings? Customer bookings is by far the most important task at the Workshop. Without customers you have no business, but customer bookings should not take you away from your primary focus of servicing and repairing cars.

To minimise time spent on the Customer Booking process, Workshops need to give customers the ability to book online through your Workshop Website. The benefit of forwarding customers to your website to book is they can book online at a time that suits them best. The advantage for your workshop is it limits the time spent on the phone with customers taking bookings.

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2. Manage Parts Centrally

Many Workshops still make the mistake of managing stock manually. If your workshop is one of them, you would already know how tedious and time-consuming that process is.

The best way to speed up your stock management process is to manage your parts centrally. Using a Workshop Management System like Workshop Mate, Mechanics can manage, record and update details in the one industry specific program.

A great advantage of using a Workshop Management System for Parts management is it automates the entire process for you. As everything is centralised in the one system, parts automatically update as you buy and sell – slashing the time-consuming manual process.

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3. Track Mechanics Performance

As a workshop owner you want to make sure your mechanics are doing their job as best as they can. A benefit of using a Workshop Management System like Workshop Mate is you can track and manage your mechanics jobs.

You can assign, schedule, and re-assign jobs to different mechanics at any one time. The best part for Workshop owners is you can export efficiency reports that tell you how efficient an individual mechanic was on a job. With key information so readily available, you can make changes to areas that are less efficient than others.

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4. Integrate your accounting

Accounting has always been a time-consuming process for many SMEs. As a Workshop owner accounting is the last thing you want to be caught up on – you have so many other important things to do.

The best way to increase efficiency during the accounting process is by Integrating your accounting software to your management software. The benefit of integrated accounting is all financial information instantly syncs from one program to the other once entered – eliminating time-consuming duplicate data entry tasks.

As an added benefit, integrated accounting reduces the time your bookkeeper needs. The less time they need the less you will pay, it’s a win-win for your shop.

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5. Use a Management Software that includes Unlimited Users

To make your Workshop run like a well-oiled machine you need to have the best systems in place. It is so important that your management system gives access to your entire team.

The reason why your Workshop needs a solution that offers unlimited users is because it puts everyone on the same page and centralises your operations.

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