Is Your Workshop Ready for Electric Vehicles? How Your Workshop Can Prepare

23 Nov 2021 Helpful Tips

Is your Workshop ready for the influx of electric vehicles? Electric car sales are surging in Australia. Years ago, the thought of Australian workshops servicing electric cars on a regular basis felt unrealistic. But as many Australians start to turn to electric vehicles, Workshops cannot afford to sit around and wait.

To be successful in 2021, Workshops need to adapt to change. For those workshops who decide to wait it out or play it by ear, they will sadly fall behind and lose thousands in potential revenue. As much as making any change is hard, change is often necessary to keep your business focused.

Here is how your Workshop can prepare for the rise of electric vehicles.

Invest in education

Seems dead obvious right? The only way someone gets better at something is by learning about it. To get your workshop ready for the demand of electric vehicles your workshop needs to invest in different education programs that teaches you and your mechanics all the ins and outs of servicing and repairing electric vehicles.

Where do you start? Online is your best tool, research local courses you can attend. Many educators offer programs that can be completed in your own time. If sitting down and learning isn’t your thing, try to find another mechanic in your local area who is already servicing electric vehicles on a regular basis. See if there is a way you can leverage their knowledge to help you in the future.

If you decide now isn’t the time to make the sudden change to catering for electric vehicles, it’s a good idea to get started on online learning. Even if it is something you don’t want to introduce, there will come a day where most vehicles will be electric.

Research suppliers

Another area that saves to get in early! Research different electric part suppliers. Build a relationship with them, see who can offer the best price and try to find a way to learn further from them.

The better relationship you have with a supplier the cheaper the price you could receive. You cannot build a relationship with a supplier overnight, so it pays to start early.

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Research safety standards

There’s nothing more important than safety. Yes, safety standards will differ from electric vehicles to petrol and diesel vehicles. Research the industry safety standards. Reach out to different industry bodies for electric vehicle safety compliance procedures and get as much advice as you possibly can.

Voltages, tools, and equipment significantly differ, and many electric tools do have the potential to cause harm or even death. Safety is the number 1 priority in any business, you need to make sure your workplace and staff are aware of the risks involved and how to trade a safely around electric vehicles.

Research electric specific tools

When you are in the midst of researching safety standards you will quickly find out that you will need to source new tools for your workshop in order to cater for electric vehicles.

To service and repair electric vehicles you will find you will need to source tools such as Voltage gloves, Battery charging equipment, Plastic workbenches, and insulated tools. Yes, this will cost you a few dollars but to be successful, you need to spend money to make money.

Final word,

The Australian Auto Repair industry is continuing to change. To be successful in the auto repair industry, Australian workshops need to begin to transition their workshop into an environment that caters for electric vehicles. Start your research, educate yourself, and research different suppliers. The more you know, the better the position your workshop will be in when you decide to transition to catering for Electric vehicles.

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