New Powerful Tools and Features to Make Your Life Easy

22 Apr 2018

Unit Cost is now displayed for each line item on Sales & Jobs

A new column (unit Cost) is now shown on Sales & Jobs. This is used to compare the cost of an item to its selling price to help maintain a good margin. The Cost column will be visible by default however it is an optional feature which can be switched off by clicking “setting” then “General settings” under the Menu bar then unselecting the option.

Parts, Services Drill Down Link

All items such as parts & services attached to sales, jobs & purchase orders now display a link which if clicked opens the item in a separate Tab.
This function opens the master record & allows permanent changes to be made or simply to view more detail of that item. This gives a quick view into the margin of any item before a sale or purchase is finalised.

Customer List – Add Price level filter

Customer price level is now displayed in the search screen. Customers can also be sorted by price level.

Default Item Type in New Job – Now Service

When creating a job the first item automatically selecting is a service then subsequent items are parts. In most cases this saves the user using an extra click at the start of a job.