Simplify your entire Capricorn reporting with our exclusive exporting feature

22 Sep 2020 Helpful Tips

Workshop Mate is constantly looking for ways to simplify your workshop operations. Capricorn reporting should be as easy as possible. With Workshop Mate you are now able to simply your entire Capricorn reporting with our exclusive exporting process feature.

Here are the steps for adding our new feature

When to use this report:

This report should be used if you sell to customers that have a Capricorn number and also use Caplink.

If your customers do not use Caplink, you will not need this report.

Before you start:

When you sell to a Capricorn customer (that will be paying via Capricorn) be sure to mark the job/part sale as a Capricorn transaction by ticking the Capricorn box.

This should be done before invoicing.

Make sure to enter the Capricorn member number of every customer that you will bill via Capricorn. This can be done in maintenance → customers. You can also do this during the add customer process when creating a job/part sale.

Generating the file:

To generate the sales by Capricorn customer file (that you will upload to Capricorn), navigate to reports → sales reports → “Sales By Capricorn Customer”. Ensure you select the correct date range for the file.

You will want to generate this report as a CSV (click the button that looks like this to do so)

The file will be saved to your downloads folder by default. You can now upload this file to Capricorn. The name of this report will be in the form of “SalesByCapricornCustomerRptYYYYMMDD.csv”, where YYYY is the year, MM is the month, and DD is the day the report was generated.

See also:

You can generate the report as a PDF for your viewing. Do not upload the PDF version to Capricorn, as they will reject it. Click the PDF icon to generate this report as a PDF.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or caplink support on