Tips For Improving Cash Flow in Your Mechanical Workshop

22 Apr 2018

Postive cash flow for your workshop

Positive Cash flow in any business can make or break a business’s success. The most exciting aspect of improving your Cash flow is that you can achieve great results in no time. Here’s five of the quickest most controllable points for you to work on using Workshop Mate Software for Mechanics..

Monitor stock levels with Workshop Mate

Holding too much stock will tie up cash and increase storage and insurance costs. Practicing good stock control will reduce cash on shelves and parts going missing. Workshop Mate takes care of your inventory and spare parts. Every part you purchase can be recorded and tracked in the system. You can generate and print inventory reports with a push of a button to monitor your stock level.

Manage your supplier’s accounts with Workshop Mate

Manage your cost of parts and suppliers with confidence. Ensure you are buying at the best rate from the best supplier using Workshop Mate. You may save your suppliers information and payment method in the system so you can easily produce purchase orders by selecting a supplier from your list or entering a new one.

Increase income with Workshop Mate

Follow up on your customer accounts, and send regular SMS and Email reminders to your customers to keep them coming to your workshop.

It’s easy to review and monitor your pricing levels in the software, you can also set different pricing levels for different customers.

Manage overheads with Workshop Mate

Managing staff job hours has never been easier!

Workshop Mate allows you to schedule and allocate jobs to your staff using the job allocation feature. Your staff can turn clock on/off and the software will automatically calculate the hours completed on each job. Workshop Mate makes sure you are staying on top of job costing and staff productivity.

Improve your skills with Workshop Mate

Improving your management and financial skills can help you improve your cash flow. Workshop Mate will help you improve your knowledge of your business and give you time to focus on learning new skills.