What’s new at Workshop Mate?

20 Apr 2018

Your Workshop Mate just got smarter!

Two new features for Workshop mate have just been released to help you take control of your invoices, payroll and reports.

We really appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients and we always try our best to make your requests and ideas become reality. In this software update, we have added the ability to display list price, and/or tax price on invoices.

The second feature is the mechanic job hour’s report, where you have the ability to view and print job hour reports for all mechanics or for a specific mechanic. This feature is particularly important to determine how many hours have been completed by your staff, making your payroll easy and accurate. Watch the demo here to learn how to activate these 2 awesome features on your workshop mate web version.

We want to thank all of our customers for sticking with us and the awesome word of mouth advertising you all provide for us. Some of you are recent clients and some of you have been with us for years. We truly appreciate every single one of you, and we promise to continue to innovate and improve to exceed your expectations and help you make your workshop more profitable.

As a valued customer we would like to introduce you to our Reward Program, when you refer someone you know to Workshop Mate software, this entitles you to 250 FREE SMS reminders for every new subscription you refer.

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