What Skills & Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Car Mechanic in Australia?

21 Feb 2023 Helpful Tips


Do you want to become a Car Mechanic? To become a Car Mechanic in Australia there are a few skills and qualifications that you need to have.

Workshop Mate has put together a guide on the different skills and requirements you need to become a car mechanic in Australia in 2023.

Let’s get started.

1. Automotive Mechanical Certificate

Whilst not mandatory, many Mechanical Workshops are now looking for aspiring mechanics to have an Automotive Mechanical Certificate from institutions like Tafe. The reason why employers are wanting this qualification is it shows that you have already gained the required knowledge and hands on experience required to take on a role of a Vehicle Mechanic.

The benefit of gaining an Automotive Mechanical Certificate from Tafe is you will familiarize yourself with the auto repair trade. Once you complete your certificate you will know what to expect on a day-to-day basis at a Mechanical Workshop.

2. Motor Vehicle Tradesperson Certificate

It is a government requirement that all Mechanics have a Motor Vehicle Tradesperson Certificate to work on vehicles. A Motor Vehicle Tradesperson Certificate can be obtained through your relevant state government website and can registered for 1,3 or 5 years.

You do not need to apply for this license prior to being employed, some mechanical workshops will ask you to apply or will help you apply for the license after you have been hired.

Click on the links below to visit the licensing page of the state you reside in –

3. Apprenticeship

If you are looking to become a Car Mechanic, you should expect to do a couple of years of apprenticeship to bring you up to speed on how to fulfil the daily roles and responsibilities of mechanical repairs.

In Australia you can seek a fulltime apprenticeship after you have completed year 10 studies.

4. Time Management

This is a major requirement! To become a Car Mechanic, you need to have strong time management skills. Being a mechanic is a fast-moving job, you will need to complete a set number of vehicle services and repairs each and every single day.

Falling behind on any job will reflect badly on the business. To be a successful Car Mechanic you need to be able to manage your time accurately and complete assigned jobs on time.

5. Multitask

Very similar to the point above, as a mechanic you will need to work on multiple jobs at once. From a service or repair, to seeking customer approval for additional works to answering customer queries, there are many roles and responsibilities you will need to keep on top of at any one time.

It is important that throughout your apprenticeship you build your multi-tasking skills, and you familiarise yourself with how other more experienced mechanics do things.

6. Education

The Auto Repair Industry is an ever-changing industry. Vehicles and vehicle technology is changing by the day, in saying that to be a Car Mechanic you need to stay on top of and educate yourself on the latest repair technologies and updates.

You can never stop learning in the Auto Repair industry. The only way that you are going to be able to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry is to set time aside throughout the week to focus on your development. Staying on top of the latest technologies and repair trends will put you in the best position to complete service and repair jobs now and in the future.

Final Word,

Whilst you don’t need to go to university to become a Car Mechanic in Australia, there are still certain requirements and skills that you need to have. The 6 skills and qualifications mentioned are commonly needed to become a car mechanic in Australia in 2022.

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