Why online reviews should be your workshop’s # 1 priority

07 Jan 2020

Your top questions... answered!

1) How do customers look for workshops today?

Many customers don’t have a ‘local mechanic’. So, the first thing they do is go to Google or Facebook and start looking for mechanics in the area. A popular search term is ‘mechanics in local suburb’.  

Google puts a HUGE EMPHASIS ON REVIEWS when listing search results. It identifies businesses with the best online presence and most positive reviews and puts them at the top. Customers don’t have the time to browse through everyone and will choose from the first few listings. See example below:  

Google reviews business listing

Type in your own suburb and see what comes up. Are you in the top? If not, start taking your reviews more seriously.

2) Why are reviews either sending workshops broke or spiraling them to new heights of success?

81% of your potential customers research the Internet before purchasing something. It is now a fact that a major part of customer research includes reading online reviews. When there’s plenty of competition, customers want a business with a proven good reputation.

If you were looking for a repair shop, who would you trust? The workshop with 74 reviews and a great 4.2 rating, or the one with no reviews?

Workshop Google Reviews

3) Why do I need online reviews when I’ve got great word of mouth?

Online reviews are the new word of mouth. Almost everyone reads online reviews to make an informed decision. 9 in 10 people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This proves workshops can no longer rely on word of mouth alone but must have an online presence to retain old customers and attract new business.

4) The problem isn’t reviews, it’s bad reviews. What do I do when I get them? 

You must respond! Customers today understand no business can satisfy every customer every time. Even the best businesses have negative reviews. There’s nothing to fear.

How you deal with a bad review can make the difference.

Studies show responding to negative reviews with solutions brings positive results.  33% of genuine customers that received a response after negative feedback made it positive. Responding helps you drown out negative reviews. When customers see hundreds of positive reviews and just a few negative ones, they find you more genuine and trustworthy.

5) How much will this review feature cost me?

The basic unmanaged service is $86 pm, and the managed silver service is $164 pm.  

Workshop Reviews Management Package


The managed silver service includes a dedicated account manager who responds to all reviews on your behalf and will pass on any negative reviews to you for your action. This frees up your time to focus on good customer service and get more business for your workshop.

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