Why web-based technology is so important for mechanical workshops

03 Aug 2021

Let’s face it, running a mechanical workshop is tough. As a workshop owner there’s so much you need to keep on top of, from job management to part sales and everything in between. As the mechanical industry continues to change web-based technology has never been more important for the success of your workshop.

Here’s why web-based technology is so important for mechanical workshops in 2021.


In the world that we live in, It is so important to have complete access of your business at all times. Web-based workshop management software like Workshop Mate allows mechanics to access their jobs, calendar bookings and all valuable business information at any time - all you need is the internet. The benefit of web-based technology is it centralises all business operations. 


The biggest disadvantage of desktop applications is if system breaks you lose your data for good. Web-based management systems offer mechanics a reliable and adaptable solution that minimises the risks of data loss. Web-based systems store all data on cloud security provides like Microsoft Azure – the world’s most trusted cloud solution.

The benefit of cloud security is if you run into any system issues, you can still access all your data on a separate device without the fear of data loss. 

Automatic Updates

Time is king in business. Technology is forever changing and the biggest problem with using a desktop system is they don't update to the latest game-changing features when they become available. If you use a web-based application, when a new update is available the system will automatically install the latest changes - No upgrades - No downloads - No system replacements.

Reduces costs

Reducing costs is essential for the success of any business. As web-based software is completely hosted online - you remove all costly IT infrastructure costs. You no longer need to maintain servers, large hardware systems or employ a IT consultant. 

Final word,

With the automotive industry constantly changing, web-based technology is a no-brainer for workshop owners. Web-based technology gives you complete control of your entire business at all times.

How Workshop Mate can help?

Workshop Mate by Jeal is a completely web-based workshop management software that automates all the day-to-day tasks of running a mechanical workshop.

Workshop Mate includes all your everyday needs like Inventory management, parts sales, job management, invoicing, quotes, customer reminders, accounting and so much more. Workshop mate gives you always complete control of your business.

With over 38 years’ experience creating simplified solutions for the Australian Mechanic industry, we understand your vision. 

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