5 Ways Workshop Owners Can Improve Mechanic Performance

06 Dec 2022 Helpful Tips


Improving Employee Performance and Efficiencies a key fundamental to running a successful business. As a Workshop owner one of your biggest priorities is to ensure your Mechanics are performing their duties to the required level and more importantly in the allocated timeframe.

That brings us to the question… As a Workshop Owner, how can you Improve Mechanic Performance and Efficiency?

Workshop Mate has put together 5 Ways Workshop Owners Can Improve Mechanic Performance and Efficiency in 2022.

Let’s get started!

1. Hire the Right People

First and foremost, the only way that you are going to increase performance and efficiency is to have the right people in the right job. Having someone who is not right for a particular job will hold your business up, affect operations and most importantly impact performance.

To increase performance and efficiency it is so important that you hire the right people. Ensure your Mechanics have the right experience for the job. Try to find someone who carries the same motivation you do. The only way that you are going to be able to increase performance and efficiency is to have a motivated team who works together to achieve assigned goals!

2. Implement the Right Processes

Having strong processes is the key to increasing performance and efficiency in any industry. Without it your Workshop will be a free for all with different mechanics working different ways to complete the same job.

To increase efficiency and performance, you need to implement a process and ensure all mechanics follow it. Get together with your mechanics and try to create a process that suits all parties. The benefit of having one central process to base operations around is that it centralises and simplifies the way that you do things. All mechanics will understand what is expected and how they should go about completing the job – ultimately putting everyone on the same page.

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3. Training is Key

A Mechanic will only be as good as the way that they are trained. You can never expect someone to do something right if they haven’t been trained how to do it appropriately. To achieve better Mechanic efficiencies, you need to ensure you train your staff on their roles and responsibilities.

When you hire a new Mechanic have them tag along with a current Mechanic. Get them up to speed with the way that you do things. The better a Mechanic is trained, the more efficient they will be when they begin servicing and repairing independently.

4. Set Performance Metrics and KPIs

The only way that you are going to achieve better Mechanic performance and efficiencies is by implementing performance metrics and KPIs. Setting KPIs will give your Mechanics a tangible indicator of what is expected of them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The benefit of setting performance goals for your Mechanics to achieve is it increases their motivation and gives them a clear something that they must achieve.

Before implementing performance metrics, it is important that you measure and record your current performance results. Once you understand your base, get together with your Mechanics to set new metrics that are both tangible and achievable.

5. Schedule Regular One on One Meetings

As a Workshop owner it is always good to regularly check in with your staff to see how they are going and if they have any concerns. To increase performance and efficiencies, your Workshop should regularly conduct one on one meetings with each individual mechanic.

The benefit of regularly conducting one on one meetings is you can discuss performance, go through set KPIs, and see how mechanics are feeling about the job. This gives your Mechanics an environment to discuss any thoughts, concerns, or ideas they may have. The better your relationship is with your mechanics, the better your work environment will be. Having a fun workplace environment can and will result in better performance and efficiencies.

Final Word,

As a Workshop Owner, you want your Mechanics to be as effective and as efficient as possible. To increase Workshop performance and efficiency you need to implement the right strategies that help and motivate staff to perform better. The 5 ways mentioned above are a few good ways your Workshop can increase performance and efficiency in 2022.

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