Why Your Workshop Should Track KPIs

07 Sep 2021 Helpful Tips


No matter what industry you are in, if your business doesn’t track and manage KPI’s you’ll be losing money!

How would you know if your mechanics are working efficiently? How would you know if you are meeting customer expectations? How would you know if you are selling enough parts? The answer is you wouldn’t and with months of not knowing key business information it could cause chaos.

Whether you’re a workshop owner, mechanic, or admin staff, KPI’s are essential to manage performance, increase efficiency and maximise growth. So that brings us to the question - What are KPI’s and how can your workshop implement them?

Workshop Mate has put together a quick guide on KPI’s in the auto repair industry and how your workshop can manage them.

What is a KPI?

A KPI is a measurable indicator that demonstrates how a company is performing to the business’s goals and objectives. When you have goals for your workshop, you need to able to see if you meet those goals or not.

The benefit of managing KPIs is it instantly lets you see the areas you are doing well and areas that need improvement. This is so helpful as it gives you the ability to implement changes instantly and minimise any impacts on  your workshop.

What KPIs should your Auto Repair Store Track?

Before you look to set any KPIs for your Workshop you first need to identify some goals. Where do you want your workshop to be in 12 months’ time? How much money do you want your workshop to turn over? How many parts do you want to sell?  How many jobs should your mechanic finish per day? 

Noting down your goals for the workshop will help you implement KPIs that will grow your workshop into the future.

Tech efficiency: As a business owner you want to be sure that your employees are being as efficient as possible. How many jobs do your mechanics complete per day? The last thing you want for your workshop is to be paying your mechanics for more time than needed. Implementing KPIs can help boost your mechanics efficiency and ensure jobs are completed on time, every time.

You can implement KPIs to compare different mechanics, the average time taken on each repair and anything else you may want to track. To boost morale and you can offer incentives for mechanics who meet their KPIs.

Parts Sales: How many parts are your mechanics selling a week? You should enforce a KPI that indicates how many parts mechanics need to sell per week to meet your workshops goals. You should see how much you are paying for parts and how much the parts have been marked up by your mechanics.

Customer satisfaction: Let’s face it, if your customers aren’t satisfied with your workshop they won’t return. You should implement a customer service KPI that follows up with customers after their service. The best thing about getting customer feedback is you can adapt to meet their expectations.

Customer bookings: If your workshop doesn’t get service bookings, you will end up closing up shop! Enforce a KPI that indicates how many bookings you want for your workshop in a week.

The best thing about KPIs are they can be completely customised to your workshops unique goals and aspirations. Whatever is important for the future of your workshop add it as a KPI and let your staff know what you are fighting to achieve.

Where Workshop Mate can help

It’s no secret that setting and achieving KPIs are tough. If you are doing tracking KPIs manually you would be in some trouble. Workshop Mate management software allows auto repair stores to set, track and report on different KPIs. From Part sales to mechanic efficiency Workshop Mate makes it easy to grow your business.

Workshop Mate includes all your everyday features including parts inventory, job management, customer reminders, invoicing, quoting, Xero/MYOB integration and business reporting all in the one central platform.

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Final Word,

Setting and achieving KPI’s are the key to running any successful business. Workshop owners should set clear and concise goals for staff and implement a plan on how you are going to achieve it. Not only does KPIs increase your businesses efficiency it also leverages future growth.