6 Reasons Why Your Workshop Needs a Management System

21 Jul 2021

As a workshop owner, there's usually a thousand different things to do in such a short space of time. With that being said, a workshop management system has become a must-have tool for workshops of all sizes.

Here are 6 reasons why your workshop needs a management system:

1. Increases sales and customer retention

At the end of the day as a workshop owner your main focus is to grow sales and provide exceptional customer service. A Workshop Management system streamlines your entire sales and customer reminder process.

Workshop Management systems include customer reminder features that automatically notify customers when they are due for a service. How long do you spend on the phone chasing customers? Using a management system, you will save hours of time - giving you more time to focus on the more important areas of the business.

2. Higher Workshop efficiency

As a workshop owner, you want to know how productive your staff are. The benefit of a workshop management system is you can easily assign, designate, track and report on your mechanics efficiency.

In the circumstances where a mechanic is off sick, running late or the job is not going as planned you can instantly adjust your calendar and assign the job to another mechanic. 

3. Centralised system

Many workshops are still using spreadsheets or paper documents to manage different areas of the business. The problem with this process is it's time-consuming task and there is a high risk of error. When working in such an expensive and fast-paced environment simple errors can cost your workshops thousands!

A workshop management system provides businesses with a centralised location of all vital business information. All everyday tasks such as parts management, bookings, jobs, quotes, invoices, and accounting will be centralised in one central area - making it easy to manage your workshop!

4. Detailed business reporting

A Workshop management software gives workshops the ability to automatically generate business reporting. The benefit of instant report generation is workshop owners can instantly implement changes to different areas of the business based on what the data is telling them.

5. Streamlined internal communications

A workshop management system makes it easy to communicate between staff. As a central destination, mechanics can sign in, assign and enter jobs. The system also provides users with alerts, comments, and updates on different jobs that need to be actioned for the day.

6. Integrated accounting

A workshop management system provides workshops with integrated accounting. Integrated accounting is the process of combining your business accounting with your management system. Integrated accounting is a two-way data sync between two programs – transferring all information instantly and accurately.

Where Workshop Mate can help?

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Unlimited users, no lock in contracts and easy transition from your current provider.

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