How To Get Customers to Choose Your Workshop

21 Mar 2023 Helpful Tips


It’s no question that the Auto Repair Industry is extremely competitive. With so much choice available, getting customers to choose your Workshop over the competition is often a challenge.

That brings us to the question. How can you get customers to choose your Workshop?

Workshop Mate has put together 5 ways your Workshop Can Get Customers to Choose you over the Competition.

Let’s get into it!

1. Build Your Online Reviews

Don’t realise how important Online Reviews are for Mechanical Workshops? Studies have shown that 93% of Australians use online reviews to determine what Mechanical Workshop to use. The only way that your Workshop is going to be able to convince customers to choose you over the competition is by building positive online reviews.

After you have serviced or repaired a customer’s vehicle, ask them to leave a review online. Think about offering an incentive to motivate them to leave a review. As the studies show, having strong online reviews is a key factor in getting customers to choose your Workshop in 2023.

2. Have Competitive Pricing

With everyday costs rising, the only way that your Workshop is going to be able to convince customers to choose you over the competition is to have the most competitive pricing in the market.

To gain a competitive advantage, it is important that your Workshop frequently conducts market research to find out and understand what prices your competition is offering customers. Once you know where you stand, try to find a better price point that still delivers a strong return for your business. Having the most competitive prices is and will always be one of the best ways to convince customers to choose your Workshop over the competition.

3. Simplify the Booking Process

Let’s face it, customers don’t have the time anymore to manually call or email a service or repair request. To convince customers to choose your Workshop over other alternatives, you need to offer a fast and easy booking process.

The best way to automate and streamline the booking process for both your Workshop and more importantly the customer is to implement your own Workshop Website. Having a Workshop Website will give customers the ability to book in a service or repair online and at a time that suits them best!

The benefit for your Workshop is you can forgo having a Mechanic by the phone or computer solely taking and confirming customer bookings!

4. Adapt to the Customer

No two repair jobs will ever be the same. What one customer wants will differ from the next. In saying that, it is important that your Workshop constantly adapts your service offering to meet each individual customer’s needs.

Most Workshops will have a set list of services that they offer. If a customer comes to your Workshop with a request that is slightly different to what you provide but is something you can help with, you should always go above and beyond to help the customer. The last thing you want is to turn a customer away to a competitor.

Adapting to each customers unique requirements will lead to better customer acquisition and repeat business.

5. Offer a Service Customers Cannot Get Elsewhere

To be successful in such a competitive industry your Workshop needs to offer something that customers cannot get elsewhere.

Whether it be price, service list, customer service, whatever, your Workshop needs to find and implement a key point of difference from your competitors. Having a point of difference will help your Workshop stand out from the crowd and will give you the opportunity to scale in future.

Final Word,

The Auto Repair Industry is one of the most competitive industries in Australia. To be successful, your Workshop needs to implement different strategies that convince customers to choose you over the competition. The 5 tips presented are a few good ways your Workshop can get customers to choose you over other alternatives in 2023.

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