How to Grow Your Workshops Online Reviews

14 Dec 2021 Helpful Tips


Don’t realise the importance of Online Reviews? Statistics show that 81% of Mechanical Workshop Customers base their booking decision on a Workshops Online Reviews. If your Workshop has no or negative online reviews, you could be losing hundreds of bookings per year.

In the past, reputation and word of mouth were the two main ways Workshops acquired customers. Since the rise of the internet, Online Reviews have become a main source of customer acquisition for Automotive Businesses.

Here’s How to Grow Your Workshops Online Reviews.

1. Create Your Business Listing on Multiple Search Engines

A mistake that many businesses make when it comes to online reviews is only focusing on Google. Yes, Google is a massive search engine used by a lot of people, but you need to be sure your Workshop is also exposed to those who don’t use Google. The first tip for growing your online reviews is by creating your own business listing on multiple search engines.

Some of the most popular online search engines that can be used for online reviews include Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo and Bing.

The internet is a very broad platform, the search engine that one customer uses may not be the same for the next, so it is very important that you create a Workshop listing profile on as many search engines as possible to give your workshop the best exposure and avenue for customers to submit reviews.

2. Make it easy for your customers

The biggest reason why businesses don’t get reviews is because the traditional method is somewhat complicated. If something is hard for customers to do, they won’t do it, it’s that simple!

A quick and easy way to get customers to submit online reviews is by sending a text message that includes a link to a review destination. After sending a review link to a customer, all they need to do is click the link, write their comment and press submit.

94% of Australians open an SMS within 15 minutes of it being received - making it the best way to get into contact customers and grow your online reviews.

Click here to learn how to create a review link for your customers.

3. Timing is the key

The most important factor when it comes to online reviews is timing. If you ask customers too early, they probably haven’t experienced the full benefits of your service. On the flip side if you ask your customers too late there is a high chance they have forgotten and moved on. So timing is so important if you want a customer to leave an online review.

The best time to ask your customers to leave a review 48 to 72 hours after you have completed the customers service or repair.

4. Follow up with past customers

Sometimes you will get customers who don’t want to leave a review for your workshop and that’s okay. It is always best to follow up with them in later.

Follow up with those customers in three or six-months’ time and ask how their vehicle has been performing. Following up with a customer at a later date shows your Workshop cares about the services you provide. Something as little as a quick five-minute call or email to see how they are tracking can be all the customer needs to write a comment online.

5. Automate Online Reviews

We get it, as a mechanic you have a thousand different things to do, Online reviews are not one of your priorities. The best way to grow your online reviews is by automating the process.

Workshop Mate by Jeal gives mechanics an automated customer reviews and reminder feature that automatically sends customers either an emails or text messages with an attached link - without you needing to do anything.

Final word,

Online reviews cannot be overlooked in the Australian Auto Repair Industry. If your Workshop doesn’t focus on increasing online reviews, you could lose thousands of potential bookings. Using the tips mentioned above your Workshop will go a long way to growing online reviews.

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