How To Acquire Customers For Your Automotive Workshop

18 Dec 2020

We are not going to sugarcoat it, acquiring customers can be expensive. With the growing demand for automotive repairs, Workshop Mate has a put together a full breakdown on ways you can easily acquire customers and maximise profit.

Create a website:

81% of mechanic customers researched online for their next mechanic. A website is an online destination where customers can find out about your services 24/7. An online website gives visitors the ability to learn more about your workshop, have their questions answered and even book in for a service.

The perception many workshops have is getting a website is expensive. There are many online platforms such as and Squarespace who offer templated websites completely free. Workshops also have the ability to source a professional, unique and SEO friendly website for as little as $16 a week.

Google my business page:

Google my business is a free online tool for businesses that enables you to market your website on Google Search and Google Maps. This is so important for your Workshop as this will give your local customers a quick and easy way to find out who you are, the services you provide and even book in for service or registration.

With Customers now researching online for local mechanics more than they ever have before, not having your business listed on Google could force potential customers  to your competitors.

Google reviews:

62% of customers base their buying decision on your online reviews. Customers want to know who you are, what your track record is and what you can do for them. To acquire customers Workshops MUST enable Google Reviews.

Google reviews provides workshops with an automated system that lists all reviews past customers have given your workshop. Choosing what mechanic to go to is a challenging choice for people, having positive reviews enabled through Google will lead to greater customer acquisition.

Create a Facebook page:

Facebook is the most used social media platform in Australia. Similar to a website, a Facebook business page will let you market to Facebook Users.

Facebook offers businesses the free messenger tool which gives you the ability to communicate with potential customers 24/7. 

Starting a Facebook page is free and has no costs whatsoever.

Online Advertising:

Workshops can enable paid advertisements through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Online advertisements provide you with prime positioning on search engines or social media platforms when someone searches for your targeted keywords or are interested in your selected preferences.

Online advertising can be quite expensive, however this does generate customer acquisition.

Word of mouth marketing:

The cheapest and easiest way workshops can acquire customers is through word-of-mouth marketing.

Simple customer service techniques such as SMS reminders, cleaning the customers car, and leaving a small unexpected gift could create a wow factor for your workshop.

Traditional marketing:

A great way to increase your customers is by using Traditional marketing techniques. Good examples include small newspaper advertisements, flyers, business cars and posters. Traditional marketing gives you the ability to reach customers who may not have access to the online world.

How to keep your current customers

Acquiring customers is only half the battle won. Just as important for workshops is maintaining your existing customers.

Here are a few tips on effective ways to keep your current customers:

Provide exceptional customer service:

Remind your customers of their booking and keep their booking on schedule. There is nothing more frustrating than showing up to the mechanic and finding out that the car is still an hour away from being completed. Simple ETA reminders can help differentiate yourself from the competition - resulting in greater customer acquisition.

Get personal with your customers:

Simple check-ups once or twice a year with customers via email, phone or text can give you a great advantage over other workshops. 

Give the car a quick clean:

This is as basic as giving the car a quick hose or vacuum. The majority of workshops do not provide a cleaning to customer cars which means you can capitalise and provide a point of difference.

Final Word,

There are many different methods you can use to acquire and retain customers for your workshop. Using the recommendations above we believe you will enhance your workshop customer acquisition.

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