How Workshops Can Improve Reporting

21 Oct 2021 Helpful Tips

For any workshop to be successful, you need to have a centralised reporting solution that quickly lets you know where you sit. Sure, goals and KPIs are good indicators, but only to a certain extent. If you don’t have accurate data, you could risk losing money, and customers.

Recent data released by the ABS shows 3 out of 5 Australian workshops will go out of business within 3 years of launching. One of the main reasons why workshops fail is because of inaccurate or no business reporting. Many Australian workshops fall into the trap of reporting different areas of the business in multiple systems. The problem with this is you don’t get an accurate business overview. On top of this if you make one mistake, it can throw a spanner in the works.

To be successful in the Australian Auto repair industry you need to manage your workshop through a management system. The benefit of using a workshop management system like Workshop Mate, is it centralises operations and automatically generates specific business reports – letting you know where you stand at all times.

Here’s how a Workshop Management system can improve your reporting:

Centralises your reporting:

How long do you spend reporting on your workshop? Do you find yourself reporting different areas in multiple systems? If you do, you know how time consuming and fragile that process is. Making one mistake can cause chaos and take hours to fix!

Your Reporting should be seamless, you should be able to access key business information instantly and hassle-free. Let’s face it, you don’t have time to manually create reports. The benefit of using a Workshop Management System is you can automate your entire reporting process. Business reports are pre-populated as you trade – You don’t need to do anything.

In the click of a button, you can export reports on different areas of your business including stock take, part sales, mechanic efficiency, bookings and much more. This removes the constant frustration of having to create reports manually or in different systems.

Customised to your Workshop:

We get it! No two workshops are the same, what works for your workshop may not work for others. Your reporting needs to be catered for your specific needs – there’s no point doing reports if they don’t paint the picture.

Using reporting tools in Workshop Mate you can instantly customise reporting to your unique preferences. You can see exactly what you want to see and when you want to see them. Reporting can get dig down to the point you can individual mechanic efficiencies, mechanic sales and customer satisfaction.

Whatever unique area of your business you want report on you can automatically generate that report using a workshop management software.

Identify areas of improvement:

The problem with completing reports manually is you don’t get a clear understanding of what’s working well and what isn’t. This often leads to mistakes going unresolved for far longer than they should be.

The benefit of centralised reporting is you can quickly identify what is working and what needs improvement. As you can generate a report as frequently as you choose - you get more opportunity to identify mistakes and quickly act on them. The faster you act on your mistakes - the greater the position your workshop will be in.

Integrates with your accounting:

How long do you have to spend with your accountant? A common frustration for many small business owners and accountants is having to locate vital business information such as invoices, overheads etc.

Using a workshop management software like Workshop Mate, you are able to integrate your reporting with your accounting system. When you buy, sell, and transact, all financial information is synced instantly and accurately from one program to the other without the need of human input.

The benefit of integrated accounting is data is pre-populated in the correct area without you or your accountant needing to physically locate them. This will ultimately lower your bookkeeper fees and business expenses.

About Workshop Mate

Workshop Mate by Jeal is a simple and adaptable, web-based workshop management system.

Workshop Mate helps manage the complete life cycle of a repair or a service job, from booking the job in, through to quoting, purchase order numbers, ordering spare parts, logging mechanic’s time, stock control, invoicing and return of the job to the customer.

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