The Power of Online Reviews: How to Leverage Them to Attract New Customers

13 Jun 2023 Helpful Tips


In today's digital age, most customers turn to online reviews before deciding what to buy and more importantly who to buy from. In fact, research reveals that 93% of customers say that online reviews influence their purchasing choices.

So, how can your Workshop leverage customer reviews to attract new customers? Workshop Mate has put together 5 top tips.

Let’s get into it!

1. Make Your Online Reviews Visible on your Website

A mistake that so many businesses make when it comes to showcasing their Online Reviews is just leaving on search engines. When you receive a positive customer review, you need to do everything in your power to promote it.

The first step that your Workshop needs to do is to display all customer reviews prominently on your Workshop Website. This can be in the form of a dedicated page or by featuring them on your home page. You need to make sure that the reviews that you feature are authentic and display a customer’s name and ideally a photo (if provided). The reason why, is it builds credibility and will ultimately build trust with future customers.

2. Share Your Online Reviews on Social Media

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool and a central destination where many customers find their next mechanical Workshop. Along with posting your Online Reviews to your Website, your shop should also share and feature your different reviews on your Social Media Profiles.

The benefit of posting your Online Reviews to your Social Media profiles is it will showcase what your Workshop has done for others without requiring a user to either access your website or search for your business online!

3. Capture Video Reviews

When it comes to Online Reviews, there is nothing more powerful than Video Reviews. Let’s face it, some businesses can and may forge Online Reviews to try to build credibility which often makes some customers skeptical.

Recording different video reviews of your customers creates a more personal and credible way of promoting your shops past successes. Think about it, would you be more enticed to believe a written review or a video review?

Like mentioned above, if you can gain different video reviews, try to promote them in every conceivable way. Post them to your Website and Social Media Profiles!

4. Ask for feedback

The only way that you can use Online Reviews to leverage new customers is by constantly growing your review total. To receive more online reviews It's important that you actively seek out customer feedback.

After you have serviced or repaired a customer’s vehicle, ask them to rate the experience online. Send them a link where they can provide a review. Your shop should think about offering an incentive to customers like future discounts to motivate them to leave a review. The more reviews that you have, the more new customers you will attract, it’s that simple.

5. Respond to feedback

Another mistake that so many businesses make is not responding to each and every review left online. Just because someone left a review, it doesn’t mean that it ends there. Your Workshop needs to show gratitude for customers leaving a review whether it be positive or negative.

After you have received an online review, try to respond to each review promptly. Thank them for their response, if its positive, great! If its negative, take the advice on board and adapt so you can improve in the future!

Final Word,

Customer Reviews are one of the most powerful tools to attract new customers in 2023. Building your Workshops Online Reviews will lead to greater customer acquisition at a much cheaper price! The 5 tips presented are a few good ways your Workshop can leverage Online Reviews to attract new customers.

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