Why Automotive Workshops Should Integrate their Accounting Software with their Management Software

22 Jun 2022 Accounting


Accounting has always been a struggle for many Mechanical Workshops, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions available to Workshops that both streamline the accounting process and reduce total costs.

To simply the accounting process, Australian Automotive Workshops need to integrate their Accounting Software with their Workshop Management System.

What is Integrated Accounting?

Integrated Accounting is combining of your accounting software with another software. Integrated Accounting automatically transfers financial information from the software of entry directly to the other linked software without requiring any duplicate data entry.

The Benefits of Integrated Accounting

1. Removes Duplicate Entry Tasks

It’s always frustrating having to sit down and complete duplicate data entry tasks, it’s time-consuming and incredibly prone to error. One of the biggest benefits of integrating your accounting software with your Workshop Management Software is you completely remove duplicate data entry tasks for good!

Integrated Accounting syncs financial data two ways, from the program of entry to the other linked software automatically once entered. With data syncing automatically, both your team and your accountant won’t need to waste time duplicating data in either program again.

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2. Minimises the Risk of Error

The problem with performing duplicate data entry tasks is it carries a high risk of error. When it comes to accounting, making even the smallest mistake, can cause major issues that can take hours to fix. Another benefit of integrating your accounting software with your Workshop Management System is you significantly reduce the risk of making a costly error.

With the two programs connected, data instantly transfers from one program to the other once entered, completely removing your teams need of performing any duplicate data entry tasks. The less manual data entry your team needs to perform, the less chance there is of making an error.

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3. Provides Real-Time Information

To be successful in the Australian Automotive Industry, Workshops need to have fast and easy access to vital business information. One of the problems with not having an integrated accounting set up is businesses sometimes need to wait for their accountant to provide an update. If you only see your accountant once a week, you may have to delay some important decisions and in the auto repair industry, time is money!

Integrated Accounting gives mechanical workshops complete and fast access to real-time business information. With data transferring both ways, your workshop will be able to access vital financial information directly through your management system without having to rely on your accountant or bookkeeper. Having access to fast, real-time business information will put your Workshop is the best position to achieve success.

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4. Faster Decision Making

Integrating your accounting software with your workshop management software, gives owners the ability to make fast, informed business decisions that push the business further.

Workshop owners can quickly view financial reports, identify the areas that are performing well and the areas that need improvement. The benefit of having quick access to business information is owners can make fast business decisions and reduce any major issues.

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5. Reduces Accountant Costs

Integrating your accounting software with your workshop management system significantly reduces accounting costs. Most Accountants charge by the hour, the more time they need to complete your shops accounts, the more you will pay.

One of the biggest reasons why accountants need additional time is because they don’t have immediate access to all the information they need. Often, many accountants have to waste time chasing people for information which ultimately increases the time and the bill. By having an integrated accounting setup, all financial information will be centralised and ready for your accountant when they need it. The less time your accountant spends chasing information, the faster they will complete eh job and less you will have to pay!

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Final Word,

Accounting has always been a frustrating task for many mechanical workshops, but it doesn’t need to be that way! Integrating your accounting with your workshop management system will simply the accounting process, reduce costs and put your shop in a strong position for to grow.

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