Why many Workshop Websites Fail to Generate Bookings

09 Mar 2022 Website


81% of Australian Car Buyers find their next mechanic online. Many Australian Workshops have been quick to realise the importance of a Workshop Website and have quickly created their own. However, many Workshops are faced with the same challenge. Why isn’t my Workshop Website generating bookings?

Here are the 5 most common reasons why many Workshop Websites Fail to Generate Bookings.

1. Doesn’t have important features

The primary purpose of a Workshop Website is to simplify your customers service or repair process. The main reason why many Workshop Websites fail to generate bookings is because they don’t have all the features that customers are looking for.

To generate more bookings through your website you need to give customers as much information as possible. Make sure you list your services, indicate your pricing, include your location, and most importantly have an easy-to-use booking form. The more information your website has, the more bookings you will get.

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2. Hard to use booking form

The booking form is the most important part of a Workshop Website. If your Booking form is long, complicated, or hard to use, you won’t get customer bookings. Your bookings form needs to be easily accessible and easy to use, it shouldn’t take customers long to complete. The longer it takes a customer to complete your booking form the more likely they are to bounce without converting.

You don’t have to have too many options on your booking form just some of the essentials.

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Car Make
  5. Transmission Type
  6. Booking Date
  7. Booking Pick up cut-off time

That’s all you really need, if you ask for too much information you will increase the risk of a customer leaving before they submit the form.

3. Website is not Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are responsible for 53% of total internet searches. A major problem with many Websites in general is they do not cater for mobile devices. If your Workshop Website is not accessible on mobile phone or tablet device, you are instantly cutting yourself off from half the market.

To generate more bookings, your website MUST be mobile friendly. Before you publish your website make sure you test that you can access your website on all device types and search engines.

4. Bad Design

The design of your website is so important. When a potential customer clicks onto your website they should instantly know where to go to find what they are looking for.

The homepage is the key, make sure you have a dashboard that shows all the different sections that your website offers for example your booking form, services list, pricing options, location and contact us. Before you publish your website, it is recommended that seek feedback from a variety of people to see if the design is appropriate and easy to use.

5. Wrong font size or colour

Like point number 4, your font sizing and colour choice should be simple and easy to read. Incorrect or elaborate font choice will greatly impact bookings generation.

The primary colours for website font are Black and White depending on your choice of background. Try to avoid bright colours like red and yellow as some users may have difficulty with the brightness. It is always good practice to seek feedback on your website’s font colour and sizing prior to publishing.

Final Word,

To generate bookings through your Workshop Website you need to make sure it has everything that customers look for and simplifies the booking process. Make sure your design is correct, easy to use and easy to read. Addressing the 5 points above will put your website in a good position to generate more bookings.

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