How Workshop Mate Helps You Grow Your Auto Repair Store

24 Aug 2021 Helpful Tips

Operating an auto repair store is a hard slog. Ask any Workshop owner in Australia and they will tell you how much the industry has changed in the past 18 months. With that being said if your auto repair doesn't have the right systems in place, you could risk falling behind the competition.

Workshop Mate by Jeal is a simple and adaptable workshop management system that automates the everyday tasks of running an auto repair store.

Here are a few ways Workshop Mate helps you grow your auto repair store.

Automates common tasks

It has been reported that the average Australian business loses over 20 hours per week on repetitive tasks. As a workshop owner the last thing you want to get caught up working in the business than on the business. To take your workshop to the next level you need to have a system that automates common tasks and frees you up to concentrate on future growth.

Using the latest technologies, Workshop Mate removes common manual tasks through innovate features. All common tasks such as parts inventory, job management, quotes, and accounting are completely automated.

SMS and Email reminders

The fear for any auto repair store is losing a loyal customer to the competition. 47% of auto repair customers are repeats. With that being said if you overlook your current customer base you will significantly impact your profitability.

Using Workshop Mate, Auto repair owners can automate customer reminders through SMS and email. The best part about automating your reminders through a workshop management system is reminders are sent automatically without you needing to trigger them.

Let’s face it, getting into contact with past customers manually is time consuming, there is a high chance when you try to give them a call they won’t answer right away. Doing this over and over only costs you time and money. The average Australian checks their phone every 15 minutes making SMS reminders the fastest way to get in touch with old customers.

Tailor Made Websites

Years ago, word of mouth and reputation were the main ways auto repair workshops gained customers. But, as the industry continues to change, it has been proven that  customers now find their next mechanic through the internet. If your workshop does not have a dedicated website, you could be losing thousands in potential revenue.

Workshop Mate gives auto repair store owners an integrated tailor-made website solution. A tailor-made website builds a brand-new sales channel for your business and gives potential customers the ability to book service appointments 24/7.

To find out more about Workshop Mate Websites click here.

In conclusion,

To stay ahead of the competition workshops need to have solutions in place that automate repetitive tasks and grow customer satisfaction. Using the latest technologies, Workshop Mate removes common frustrations faced by mechanics making business more efficient and streamlined today.

From parts inventory to job management and bookings to everything in between Workshop Mate has all the tools needed to take your Workshop to the next phase of growth.

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