5 Most Common Workshop Challenges in 2024

18 Jan 2024 Helpful Tips

challenges workshop 2024 

Let’s face it, running a Mechanical Workshop is no easy task. The Auto Repair Industry changes every year and 2024 will be no exception. Whether you’re a small workshop, a large workshop or anything in-between there will be a variety of different challenges that you will face over the next 12 months. Fortunately there are things that you can do to mitigate those challenges and accelerate growth.

Here are the 5 Most Common Challenges Workshops will face in 2024.

Rise of Electric Cars

Does your Workshop cater for Electric Cars? If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Electric Cars are exploding in popularity, recent studies have shown that Electric Cars made up almost 10% of all new car sales in Australia in 2023. Compare this to the 3% from the year prior. Electric Cars are only going to continue to grow and by not offering services catered for them will set you back.

One of the biggest challenges for Workshops when it comes to catering for electric vehicles is understanding the fundamentals and the tools required. Your workshop should start to research and understand the ins and outs of servicing and repairing electric vehicles as a priority. Once you build the knowledge, put a plan together that you can use to introduce electric car services into your shop. Catering for electric vehicles will set your Workshop up for ongoing success.

Changing Customer Demands

What customers want and need changes constantly. In the Auto Repair Industry, no two days are the same, like no two customers are the same. One of the biggest challenges that will face all mechanical workshops in 2024 and beyond is changing customer demands.

To stay on top of customer demands it is important that you continue to invest time and resources into both your staff and tools. To maximise customer satisfaction and to be able to cater for changing customer needs, your workshop will need both the knowledge and the tools required in order to do so.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Another major challenge that looks set to continue into 2024 is Supply Chain Disruptions. Many businesses still are still playing catchup from the covid pandemic, this is especially true when it comes to the automotive industry. New Car production is still a shell of its former self.

What does this mean for Mechanical Workshops? Well it is important that you pick your suppliers correctly and have multiple options. The last thing that you want is to have to turn a customer away due to a breakdown in your supply chain. Talk to your suppliers see what they can do, how often they can deliver and most importantly what prices they can give you. Shopping around and having multiple options is by far the best way to minimise your risk of facing a supply chain disruption.

Service Consistency

The biggest challenge facing all goods and services businesses, regardless of it being auto repair or not is ensuring service consistency. To be successful in any industry your services need to be consistent from one customer to the next.

The key to offering a consistent service for customers is having a strong process that outlines what needs to be achieved on every customer car service or repair, it can be as simple as a checkbox. Having a checkbox that your staff need to tick off after every service is something quick and easy which will ensure that you are doing everything consistently and meeting your high standard.

Post-Workshop Follow-up

The Auto Repair Industry is extremely competitive. The only way that your Workshop is going to be able to attract and acquire new customers is by providing a service that others cannot. The best way? Post Service follow ups.

Following up with customers after the time of repair or service is a constant challenge for many Workshops but it doesn’t need to be. Implementing a solution like Workshop Mate will allow you to automate customer reminders and follow ups. You can send them automated SMS or emails which check in to see how the car is performing or with any custom messaging of your choosing. All you need to do is set up your template and the system will send it automatically as you operate!

Final Word,

The Australian Auto Repair Industry is constantly changing. As in any industry there are challenges that you will face and will need to stay on top of. The 5 challenges presented are some of the biggest challenges facing Australian Workshops in 2024.

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