5 Ways to Improve Your Workshops Repair Times

02 May 2023 Helpful Tips


In the Auto Repair Industry time is money. With so much choice available for customers, the time that it takes a Workshop to service and repair vehicles is often the key deciding factor for a customer when deciding to use one workshop over another.

Workshop Mate has put together 5 Ways Your Workshop Can Improve Repair Times in 2023.

Let’s get into it.

1. Automate Administration

The main reason why so many Workshops experience long, or delayed repair times is because their mechanics get caught up performing manual administration tasks. Whether it be taking or confirming customer bookings, chasing customers for additional repair requests or anything in-between. Performing administration tasks will set your Workshop back and increase repair times.

The fastest and easiest way to improve your Workshops repair times is to Automate Administration tasks by using an industry specific Workshop Management Software. The benefit of using a Workshop Management Software is it automates many daily tasks of running a Mechanical Workshop. Tasks like Bookings, reminders, approval requests, stock control and more can be automated in the background as you trade.

Automating administration will give your mechanics more time to focus on completing assigned repair and service jobs and will ultimately improve job fulfilment times.

2. Implement Set Processes

The only way that your Workshop is going to be able to improve repair times is by implementing strong processes. Think about it, without set processes how will you know if your mechanics are performing jobs the right way?

Implementing strong team processes will give your mechanics are set way of doing things whilst they undergo their primary role of servicing and repairing vehicles. Arguably the biggest benefit of having strong processes is it puts your entire team on the same page. Everyone will know what is expected and how they should go about completing a job.

Having strong processes will lead to better team collaboration, faster repairs, and more importantly happier customers!

3. Team Collaboration

To increase your Workshops repair times, you need to have everyone on the same page working together to achieve the businesses goals. Increasing repair times doesn’t just come down to one mechanic, it takes a team effort. From the original booking to the repair, to everything in between, it is a team effort that will determine how fast you service and repair a customer’s vehicle.

To achieve faster repairs, it is important that your team communicates and collaborates accordingly with each other throughout the process. Having a team working openly together will lead to faster customer turnaround times and greater growth.

4. Centralise Operations

One of the biggest mistakes that so many Mechanical Workshops make is using multiple different systems to manage different parts of the Workshop. The problem with this is it doesn’t put your team on the same page of what is happening at your Workshop which ultimately will increase turnaround times.

The advantage of employing a single centralised system that all members of your team can access is each member of your team will be aware of what to do and where others stand with their tasks without having to chase or access multiple different systems.

5. Adapt

It’s no secret that the Auto Repair Industry is continuing to change. The way that your Workshop trades today will be much different to the way that you will trade in 5 years’ time. That said, to continue to improve your Workshops repair times it is important that you monitor and adapt to changes in the industry.

As new developments and technologies become available, think about ways that you can introduce them to your Workshop. Staying on top of the latest changes and developments will give your Workshop the ability to achieve sustained success and maximise customer satisfaction now and into the future.

Final Word,

As a Workshop Owner, one of your biggest priorities is to service and repair customer vehicles as fast as possible. The 5 tips presented are a few ways that your Workshop can achieve faster repair turnaround times now and into the future.

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