Tasks You Can Automate Using a Workshop Management Software

16 Nov 2021 Helpful Tips


The Australian Auto Repair industry is continuing to change. As a workshop owner or mechanic, you simply can’t afford to waste time on repetitive administration tasks such as job management, bookings, customer reminders and stock take.

For Australian Workshops, there are tools available to you that can automate common daily tasks and free you up to concentrate on future growth.

The number one tool for Australian mechanics is a Workshop Management Software. Workshop Management Software provides Australian mechanics with an all-in-one industry-specific solution that automates and streamlines the day-to-day tasks of running a mechanical Workshop.

Here are some of the tasks that Workshop Management Software can automate:

Parts Inventory

Are you still doing stock take manually? If you are, you already know how painful and time-consuming the process is, let alone the risk of error. To stay ahead in the auto repair industry workshops, need to have a centralised solution in place that automatically updates your parts inventory.

Using a Workshop Management Software like Workshop Mate, mechanics can completely automate the entire parts inventory management process. Part numbers update automatically in the background as you buy and sell – no manual data entry tasks, no mistakes!

Customer Bookings

How long do you spend on the phone taking bookings? Many Australian workshops waste hours of time every day on the phone manually taking bookings.

To be successful in 2021 mechanics need to make the booking process easy. Mechanics can automate bookings using a workshop website.

The benefit for your customers is they can place orders through the website instead of having to call or email. For your workshop the benefit is all information will sync from the website to the management software. All you need to do is confirm the job.

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Customer Reminders & Notifications

One of the biggest frustrations for Australian mechanics is customer reminders and notifications. Many Australian mechanics know the pain of trying to get into contact with a customer to let them know their booking is complete or they are due for a service. On many occasions you cannot get into contact with them on the first attempt.

A Workshop Management Software can completely automate your entire customer reminder and notification process. In Workshop Mate, mechanics can set different preferences that automatically send customer an update via SMS or email.

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A common challenge for many SMEs is accounting. Many small businesses have to experience going back and forth with their bookkeeper to complete the accounts. Using a Workshop Management Software like Workshop Mate, mechanics can integrate the software to leading accounting packages Xero and MYOB.

The benefit of integrated accounting is financial data is synced from one program to the other instantly and accurately.

Business Reporting

Creating any type of report is a pain. One of the biggest benefits of a Workshop Management Software is mechanics can instantly generate different management reports. In the click of a button mechanics can generate a report on stock take, part sales, profit, loss, bookings, KPIs, mechanics efficiencies and so much more.

Final Word

To be successful in the Auto repair industry, mechanics need to streamline common manual tasks. A workshop management software like Workshop Mate can automate all common tasks involved with running a mechanical workshop in Australia.

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About Workshop Mate

Workshop Mate by Jeal is a web-based workshop management software that automates the everyday tasks of running a mechanical workshop in Australia.

Workshop Mate is designed to save you both time, money and effort with an easy-to-use interface and the latest features.

Workshop Mate includes all your everyday needs like Parts Inventory, Quotes, Jobs, Job Management, Barcoding, Bookings, Customer Reminders, Integrated Accounting and so much more – all in the one web-based solution.

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