5 Ways your Workshop Can Increase Approval of Recommended Services

16 Aug 2022 Helpful Tips


One of the most important parts of running a Mechanical Workshop is gaining approval from customers for recommended services. This process is both challenging and time-consuming with many customers walking away or going to another provider. When this happens, it can be extremely frustrating as you lost potential revenue and a stack of time.

Here are 5 ways your Workshop Can Increase your approval of recommended services rate.

1. Educate the Customer

A big reason why many customers walking away from recommended services is because they feel like they are getting milked for more money. To increase your for recommended services approval rate you need to educate your customers on the issues raised.

When you identify an issue on a customer’s vehicle and recommend additional repairs, explain to them why something needs to be repaired, go into detail, and talk to them about the risks that may occur if they don’t go ahead with the recommended services.

Many Workshops just tell customers what needs to be done without having them totally understand why. The more a customer understands why something may need to be completed, the more likely they will be to approve the additional works.

2. Provide Visual Examples

Most customers don’t understand why something may need additional works completed. A good way to boost recommended services approvals is by providing visual examples of what needs to be repaired.

Once your mechanics have found something that may require additional work, get them to capture an image of the issue so you can provide a visual report to the customer. The benefit of having visual images of works that need to be completed is it can help you convince the customer that further works are needed. If a customer can visually see the issue, they will be more likely to go ahead with the recommended services.

3. Give Customers Several Options

The more options you give a customer, the more likely they will be to approve your additional services. For most people, when they are presented with an offer they go off and see if the offer they have been given is the best on the market, getting additional services is no different.

When you present customers with recommended services, give them multiple options for what they can do to resolve the issue. Giving customers several options shows that your Workshop is looking out for their best interests and not trying to squeeze money out of them.

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4. Compare Prices

It’s no secret, if you want to boost your recommended services approval rate, you need to offer the best possible price. Before your Workshop recommends additional works to customers, compare your prices to your competitors.

If your Workshop offers customers the cheapest repair price, it would be very hard for them to turn you down. Before your Workshop considers adjusting prices, it is recommended you consult with your accountant and key stakeholders.

5. Listen to your Customer

Listening is the most important part of the approval process. Your Workshop needs to listen to the customer, hear their requests and see what you can do to help them out. Customers often have a thousand questions when they attend a Workshop, so it is important that you do your best to help them out and listen to their needs. The better your Workshop understands the customer, the easier it will be for you to communicate with them and receive approval for additional works.

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Final Word,

Maximising recommended service approvals is the key to having a successful Mechanical Workshop. Receiving customer approval often comes down to education and communication. The 5 tips mentioned above are a few great ways your Workshop can increase approval of recommended services in 2022.

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