How Mechanical Workshop Can Personalise Communication With Customers

04 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips


Personalisation is the key to having strong customer communications. If a customer feels like they are talking to someone who cannot be bothered to learn their name, they will go elsewhere.

To acquire and retain customers at your Workshop, Mechanics need to personalise their communication process for each individual customer.

Here’s how Mechanical Workshops Can Personalise Communication with Customers.

1. Collect Customer Information

The only way that your Workshop is going to be able to personalise communication with customers is by collecting their contact information.

When a potential customer enquires about your services or attends your Workshop, try to gain their primary contact information like their name, phone number and their email address. By collecting a customer’s information, you will be able to personalise your communication with them later.

2. Learn More About the Customer

To personalise your communication with customers you need to learn as much as possible about their wants and needs.

When a potential customer attends your Workshop try to learn more about their needs, vehicle and what they would like done. Once you understand why they are there and what they are looking for, you will be able to personlaise your communication and offering to best meet their unique needs.

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3. Chat to Customers In Real Time

Studies show that Mechanical Workshop’s who respond to customer requests instantly are 100x more likely to convert opportunities than those who delay. To create a personalised communication, you need to respond to customer requests as fast as you possibly can.

Using tools like live chat and over the phone, your Workshop should aim to respond to customer enquiries instantly or within the hour at a latest. The benefit of communicating with customers in real time is you get them whilst they are hot and interested in your services. Leaving it an hour or even days may wain customer interest, some may have already gone elsewhere.

4. Plan your Communication

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Going in blind when communicating with customers can create uncomfortable situations. If you don’t understand the customer and their request, your communications won’t be as strong as it could be and should be.

It is important that your Workshop plans how you are going to communicate with customers. Whether it be over the phone, email or in person, it is important to listen and plan what you are going to say to achieve the best result. Like mentioned above, the more you understand the customer and their needs, the better you will be able communicate with them.

5. Start Communicating with Customers

Once you understand the customer and their needs, it’s time to start offering a tailor made, personalised communication.

When you speak to a customer whether it be online or in person, always address them by their preferred name, refer to their vehicle and request. You need to ensure that you show them that you are interested in their needs and are excited to help them.

The more personalised your communication is with customers; the more customers will feel comfortable and ultimately the more customers your Workshop will acquire and retain.

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Final Word,

Personalised communication is the key to success in the Auto Repair Industry. The more your customer understands the customer, the better you can tailor a personalised communication channel with them. The 5 tips presented are a few ways your Workshop can personalise communication with customers in 2022.

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