How Workshops Can Create the Best Repair Experience

13 Sep 2022 Helpful Tips


Creating the best repair experience is arguably the most important part of running a Mechanical Workshop. If your customers don’t enjoy your customer service experience, they won’t return, it’s that simple.

Here’s how your Workshop Can Create the Best Repair Experience.

1. Deliver on your Promise

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing something that doesn’t deliver on it’s promise. If your Workshop wants to create the best repair experience it is essential that you deliver on your promise.

If your Workshop promises a customer something whether it be price, turnaround time or anything else, you need to make sure you deliver. Failing to deliver on a promise often results in customers not retuning in the future.

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2. Remind Customers in Advance

A fast and simple way to create the best service and repair experience is to remind your customers of their booking in the days leading up to their appointment.

On occasion we all tend to forget things, especially if it is something we have booked well in advance. Sending a quick SMS or Email reminder to your customer shows that your Workshop is looking out for their best interests and are keen to work on their vehicle. The more that a customer feels valued, the less likely they will be to seek other workshops in the future.

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3. Complete Jobs on Time

It’s never fun attending a workshop and finding out that your vehicle isn’t completed. It’s frustrating and you often never want to go back. To create the best repair experience, your Workshop needs to complete jobs on time.

A customer’s time is valuable, the quicker you complete a job, the happier they will be. We get it! On occasion things may happen that delay a service or repair. If that happens it is important to communicate with customers right away. The last thing you want to do is leave a customer in the dark because all they will do is vote with their feet and never come back!

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4. Communicate With Customers

The worst thing you can do when it comes to servicing and repairing car is leaving customers in the dark. Communication is the key to creating the best service and repair experience!

If your Workshop needs to complete any additional works, is running behind, has any recommendations or anything else be sure to communicate openly and honestly with the customer. By communicating with your customers openly and honestly shows that you are keeping them in the loop and have their best interests at heart!

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5. Present a Smile

The simplest way to create the best repair experience is by delivering a smile. When a customer arrives at your Workshop be sure to smile and show them that you are excited that they chose your Workshop for their regular service or repair.

If you look down or unexcited it will relay to the customer. They may feel you are disinterested, and it ultimately rubs off on them. Plus, it looks bad on your Workshop as a whole. Delivering a smile costs nothing and is the best way to create the ultimate service and repair experience.

Final Word,

To be successful in the Australian Auto Repair Industry you need to offer a service and repair experience that is second to none. The 5 tips mentioned above are a few great ways your Workshop can deliver the best repair experience in 2022.

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