How SMS Marketing Can Grow Your Workshop

20 Dec 2022 Helpful Tips


Don’t realise the importance of SMS Marketing? The benefits of using SMS to Market your Workshop are many, from greater customer retention to higher customer approvals, SMS Marketing will open your Workshop’s doors to more opportunities and greater revenue.

Here’s How SMS Marketing Can Grow your Workshop.

1. Increased Customer Retention

As a Workshop owner, one of your biggest priorities is to retain as many customers as possible. SMS Marketing is a powerful tool which can and will increase your customer retention rate. Using SMS marketing you can automatically send upcoming and future appointment reminders to your past customers - limiting the risk of your past customers going to the competition.

The benefit of using SMS marketing as a medium is you are almost sure customers will open it. Studies show that 98% of SMS marketing is opened within 5 minutes. Imagine you’re a customer and you receive a SMS in the months leading up to your regular service. Many will book in on the spot for the main reason being it’s easy.

SMS Marketing will help your workshop build and maintain your existing clients at a fraction of your regular marketing costs.

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2. Greater Approval Rate

One of the most time-consuming tasks of running a Mechanical Workshop is chasing customers for approval of recommended services. When a customer doesn’t answer on the first attempt you need to follow up later which will take you away from your primary role of servicing and repairing vehicles.

Using SMS Marketing, you can send work recommendation to customers instead of having to call them manually. All your customer will need to do is reply “YES” or “NO” to your recommended services.

The benefit of using SMS for recommended approval jobs is it will save your Workshop Time and Money.

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3. Referral Opportunities

Another great benefit of using SMS Marketing is it can increase your customer base through referral opportunities. Your Workshop can send SMS campaigns to current customers that ask them to refer someone to use your service. In your SMS you can offer incentives, discounts, or anything of value to motivate your customers to provide a referral.

4. Up Selling Options

One of the best ways to drive revenue at your Workshop is to up sell your products and services. Using SMS Marketing you can send out different promotional campaigns to customers that you may want to offer.

If your customers find value in your promotion, they can proceed with the purchase instantly, without having to call or email manually. The easier it is for customers to purchase a promotion, the more opportunities you will convert. SMS Marketing is by far the best way to boost up sales in 2022!

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5. Reduces Overall Marketing Costs

Marketing costs are skyrocketing. In a challenging operating time, it is important that your Workshop minimises expenses where possible. One of the biggest benefits of using SMS to market your Workshop is it is cheap.

You can send SMS marketing campaigns for under 5c per send! You will struggle to find a more effective and cheap marketing medium today. By mastering your SMS strategy, you will be able to acquire and retain customers at a fraction of the normal marketing costs.

Final Word,

SMS Marketing will open your Workshop’s doors to many opportunities. Implementing SMS Marketing to your Workshops marketing strategy will increase customer retention, maximise customer acquisition and reduce marketing costs.

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