How to Increase Customer Retention Rate in the Auto Repair Industry

14 Sep 2021 Helpful Tips

It's no secret how important customer retention is in the auto repair industry. Recent studies show 47% of auto repair customers are returning customers.

Many Auto repair stores fall into the trap of only focusing on new customer acquisition. But it's actually cheaper for your workshop to retain customers then acquire new. Some repair stores can spend up to 5x the amount of money on new customer acquisition than what it would cost to market to a past customer.

There are many factors involved with increasing customer retention, but the biggest is the quality of service you offer. So, what are some of the top strategies your auto repair store can use to increase customer retention. Well, we have boiled this down to 5 main points.

  1. Make your customers process easy
  2. Deliver something others cannot
  3. Set reminders for appointments
  4. Deliver on your promises
  5. Market to past customers

Let’s get into it!

1. Make your customers process easy

Put yourself in your customers shoes, what would you expect from a mechanic? You wouldn’t want a process that is complicated and creates headaches. 72% of customers feel anxiety around visiting an auto repair store. A lot of the this is down to the process. Customers want simplicity, from the time of booking the service to the time of picking the car, it should be seamless.

Implement an automated online booking form, send reminders to customers, and provide as much information as you can upon completion. The easier your process is, the greater your customer retention rate will be.

2. Deliver something others cannot

Give your customers a service that other repair stores can’t. Keep your customers close but keep your competitors closer! Look at what they are offering, look at their prices and figure out a way to offer them something better.

There are a few strategies you can use to create a wow factor. Simple things like implementing a loyalty program, leaving a small unexpected gift, and giving the car a quick unexpected clean are a few examples of great customer service that can make a world of difference. The better your customer service is the more likely the customer will come back.

3. Schedule return appointments

Most customers only need to visit an auto repair store once a year. A simple way to get customers to return to your repair store is by scheduling return appointments for the same time in 12 months. You can send customers a calendar reminder via email and text, which they can easily add it to their calendar.

Notify your customers when their appointment is approaching, you would be surprised something as simple as a quick check up can make all the difference. If you are using a Workshop management system you can also automate reminders – so you don’t need to do anything!

4. Deliver on your promises

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing something and it doesn’t meet your expectations. This is no different in the auto repair industry.

If you want customers to return to your auto repair store you need to make sure you keep your promise. Whether that is a price, service time or assuring them you will fix something, you need to make sure you keep your promise.

5. Market to your past customers

You need to make sure you remain in contact with your customers. Don’t just let them sit there and expect them to come back. When you have something great happening at your auto repair store let them know. If you have a promotion, discount on tyres or anything important let them know.

There are multiple avenues to cheaply market to your customers. Even if your past customers don’t need anything, they will appreciate knowing about something your offering. It can be really frustrating finding out about a promotion, which you weren’t told about it.

Final Word,

Using the tips mentioned above your auto repair store will go a long way to creating an unforgettable customer service experience that entices customers to return. Making things simple and straight forward is essential. The less work they need to do the more likely they will become a recurring customer.

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