How to Sell More Recommended Services at your Workshop

09 May 2023 Helpful Tips


Recommended Services are a big part of running a mechanical Workshop. That said, how many customers actually take up your recommended services?

The reasons why so many Workshops struggle to sell recommended services are many but fortunately there are things that you can do.

Workshop Mate has put together 5 ways your Workshop can sell more recommended services in 2023.

1. Photograph Potential Issues

The biggest reason why so many customers do not proceed with recommended services is because they feel like your Workshop may be trying to squeeze money out of them. By far the best way to convince a customer to take action on your recommended services is by providing them with a visual report which shows the issue in its current state.

Think about it, if a customer received a report where they can visually see the issue in it’s flesh, it will motivate them to take action. When your Workshop is servicing or repairing a vehicle and you notice some areas that may need extra work, be sure to photograph the issue to provide it to the customer. Having visual examples of the issue will significantly increase your Workshops chances of receiving approval for recommended services.

2. Be Clear on the Issue

Let’s face it, most customers are not car savvy. If they do not understand the issue at hand, why would they approve more works? To get customers to approve recommended services your Workshop needs to be clear on the issue.

Once you notice an issue on the customers car, try to do everything in your power to get the customer to understand the issue. You need to simplify the issue into layman’s terms so that they can understand. The clearer you are on the issue, the more likely a customer may be to approve the future works.

3. Provide Multiple Options

What’s the biggest stumbling block for customers? Price. One of the best ways to increase your Workshops chances of receiving customer approval for recommended services is by providing multiple different options that they can choose from.

Offering customers, a variety of different options at different prices will show that your Shop is going out of your way to find them an affordable solution. When a customer knows that you are looking out for their best interests, they will often be more inclined to take action.

4. Discuss Potential Future Issues

To make customers take action you will need to discuss potential future ramifications if they do not proceed with the recommended services. When you identify an issue with a customers car be sure that you convey any future issues that may arise if they do not take action.

If a customer knows that there may be a potential costly issue in the future, most customers will be more willing to proceed with the recommended services on the spot.

5. Be Flexible

Some customers may not be able to proceed with recommended services due to their financial position or other external factors and that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean that your workshop needs to let them go.

The key to selling recommended services is being flexible. If a customer is not in a position to take action now, try to find out when they can. Once you find out that information, you can book in a future time. Being flexible to the customer will lead to better service conversions and more revenue for your shop!

Final Word,

Increasing recommended services is essential for achieving sustained success in the Australian Auto Repair Industry. The 5 examples presented are a few proven ways your Workshop can sell more recommended services in 2023.

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