How Using a Workshop Management Software Helps Your Customers

02 Jun 2022 Helpful Tips


Your customers are the heartbeat of your Workshop, without customers you don’t have a shop. It may be hard to believe but the systems your Workshop uses has a massive impact on your customers. In saying that your Workshop needs to have the right systems in place that increase efficiency and maximise customer satisfaction.

A Workshop Management Software is a web-based software that manages and automates daily workshop tasks. A simple way of describing a Workshop Management Software is it acts like the brain of your shop; everything your shop does will flow through the software.

What makes a Workshop Management Software so beneficial is it impacts customers just as much as your Workshop. Here’s how.

Simplifies the Booking Process

For so long the booking process has been a manual and time-consuming task for both customers and mechanics. One of the biggest advantages of using a Workshop Management Software is it simplifies the booking process for both parties.

Using a Workshop management software, mechanics can create and maintain customer service records within the one program. The benefit of this is neither your mechanics nor your customers have to waste time throughout the booking process. When a customer requests their next service or repair all they need to do is reference their name or registration number and everything will automatically populate. The faster and easier the booking process is, the more customers you will convert.

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Enhanced Job Management

Having a strong Job Management Process is the key to success in the Auto Repair Industry. There is nothing more frustrating for customers than arriving at a workshop only to find out their car isn’t completed. It leaves a bad taste in their mouth, and they will likely never return.

One of the biggest benefits of using a Workshop Management Software is it enhances your shops job management. As operations are centralised in the one program, mechanics can create, assign, track, delegate and manage all customer jobs in the click of a button. Mechanics can instantly make changes when necessary and more importantly update customers if something is running behind.

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Customer Reminders

The ultimate goal for every business is to get customers to return. One of the best ways that a Workshop Management Software helps increase customer retention is through automated Customer Reminders.

In the click of a button, Mechanics can trigger reminders to be sent automatically to customers when they are due for their next service. On top of this, mechanics can send reminders to customers when their vehicle request has been completed. Customer reminders are a powerful tool and does enhance customer service.

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Better Customer Service

The biggest priority for every Workshop is to provide the best customer service. A Workshop Management Software helps enhance your Workshops customer service. A key area that often lacks in the Auto Repair Industry is communication with customers. Customers want to know why something may need to be fixed on their car and often they receive no visual reason or understanding.

A Workshop Management software gives mechanics the ability to capture and attach visual records to provide to customers. Your Mechanics can then communicate with customers directly as to why something may need to be fixed. If your Workshop gives a visual, detailed report showing why something may need to be fixed, it shows that you are looking out for them and most importantly you are not trying to cash grab them.

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Final Word,

A Workshop Management Software impacts your customers just as much as it impacts your Workshop. A Workshop Management Software will increase your efficiency, simplify the customer journey, and enhance customer experience.

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