Why Workshops SHOULD NOT take Bookings by Phone or Email

11 May 2022 Helpful Tips


For many Workshops taking and receiving service bookings by Phone or Email is a daily occurrence. Before the rise of technology taking bookings this way could be passed off as acceptable. But in 2022, taking bookings over the Phone or Email actually does more harm for your Workshop than good.

It’s no secret that the Australian Auto Repair Industry is changing. Workshops don’t operate the same way they did 3 years ago. With that being said, your Workshop’s processes need to change with the times. Taking bookings by Phone or Email is such a manual process for both your Workshop and most importantly your customer. With competitors offering simple automated booking systems, the biggest risk to your Workshop is losing customers to the competition.

Here’s Why Workshops SHOULD NOT take Bookings by Phone or Email.

It’s time-consuming for Customers

Customer service should be your Workshop’s number one priority. If your Workshop doesn’t provide a seamless and stress-free service and repair experience for customers, you could face insolvency. It may come as no surprise that the biggest problem with taking and receiving bookings manually is it’s time consuming for your customers.

Put yourself in your customers shoes, they need to manually call or type out there booking request and communicate it with your workshop. Customers just don’t have time anymore to waste on a manual booking process. If your Workshop doesn’t offer a quick and less manual booking offering for, you could lose potential customers to the competition.

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It’s time-consuming for Mechanics

If your Workshop is still taking bookings either by Phone or Email you would already know all to well how time consuming it is for your Mechanics. Many Workshops need to pull a mechanic from their day-to-day job just to take customer bookings.

To increase efficiency and maximise customer satisfaction Workshops simply cannot afford to take key mechanics away from their primary role of serving and repairing vehicles to take customer bookings. The less time your mechanics spend taking customer bookings the more time they will have to complete service and repair requests, it’s that simple.

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There’s a high risk of error

When completing tasks manually there is always a high chance of making an error. Let’s face it, we all make our fair share of errors, but when operating a mechanical workshop making simple errors could cost your shop thousands and effect customer service.

When you think about it, the risk of making an error when taking customer bookings is massive. If your mechanic makes a mistake whether it be the booking day, time or even the car make or model you could have massive problem. The last thing your Workshop wants is to anger the customer because of an error made on the booking process.

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No Integration with Your Management Systems

Probably the biggest reason why your Workshop shouldn’t take bookings over the phone or by email is it doesn’t integrate with your key business systems like your Workshop Management System or your Accounting System.

As you are taking the bookings manually, one of your staff will need to complete duplicate data entry tasks at a later point in time to make sure everything is in order. Going back to our earlier points any time you need to complete manual tasks you will need to take a staff away from their primary job and that’s something you don’t want.

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The Solution for Workshops

Fortunately for Mechanical Workshops there are solutions available that automate and simplify the customer booking process. The best way to simplify the process is by implementing a Workshop Website.

The benefit of having a Workshop Website is customers can book in for their next service or repair online, at a time that suits them best. For your Workshop, the benefit is you don’t need to have a mechanic by the phone taking customer bookings.

A Workshop Website simplifies both your customers and your Workshops booking process and is the best way to reduce time spent in 2022.

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