Increase Mechanic Efficiency with these 5 Simple Steps

12 Jul 2022 Helpful Tips


Mechanic Labor is one of the biggest expenses for all Auto Repair Workshops. With that being said, as a Workshop owner, you want to make sure your mechanics are working as efficiently as possible.

Increasing Mechanic Efficiency is no easy task. It involves having set procedures and a simplified process.

Here’s 5 Simple Steps Your Workshop Can Use to Increase Mechanic Efficiency.

1. Automate Job Allocation and Management

The first way to increase Mechanic efficiency is by automating mechanic job allocation and management. For many Workshops, managing service and repair jobs is a time-consuming task. The more time your Workshop spends allocating and managing jobs, the more time your mechanics will lose.

To streamline the process, Workshops need to implement a system that automatically allocates jobs to mechanics based on their work schedule. At the beginning of the day, your techs should instantly see what jobs are assigned to them for the day and go on to complete them. The less time your mechanics spend looking for work or waiting for jobs to be allocated to them, the more work they will get done.

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2. Streamline Customer Approvals and Job Completion Notifications

One of the most time-consuming tasks for mechanics is chasing up customers. Your mechanics simply don’t have the time anymore to constantly chase customers. The best way to minimise the amount of time your mechanics spend trying to reach customers is by using Automated Reminders.

Using a Workshop Management Software like Workshop Mate, mechanics can automate reminders to be sent via SMS or Email to customers when their vehicle booking has been completed or if you need approval for additional works. The benefit of having an automated system is your mechanics don’t need to waste time constantly on the phone chasing customers, they can solely focus on their number one priority of servicing and repairing vehicles.

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3. Implement Staff Processes

A lot of the time the reason why mechanics aren’t as efficient as you would like them to be is because you haven’t implemented the right processes. Before you bring on a mechanic it is so important that you provide them with the right training and bring them up to speed with everything you do at your shop.

Once your staff are fully trained it’s important to implement set KPIs for them to achieve. This way they will have a tangible goal to reach. Implementing KPIS gives your shop the ability to know whether your staff are meeting business expectations or not. If staff are not meeting the required objectives, you can instantly try to come up with different solutions before they begin to impact cashflow or the customer.

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4. Reporting

If your Workshop wants to increase mechanic efficiency you need to have a strong reporting system in place. If your shop doesn’t have a mechanic reporting system in place you are cutting yourself off from vital information. How would you know if mechanics are being as efficient as they could be?

To maximise mechanic efficiency, your Workshop should report on all tech jobs, the hours they take to complete them and how many jobs they complete in a set amount of time. By reporting frequently, your Workshop can quickly identify any areas that may need to improve. If one mechanic is not being as efficient as others, you can quickly identify the issue and work with them to come up with a solution. The better your business reporting is, the better the position your Workshop will be in.

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5. Use a Workshop Management System

Like the saying goes, a mechanic is only as good as his tools. To increase mechanic efficiency your mechanics need to have all the tools they need. The best tool to increase mechanic efficiency is a Workshop Management System.

A Workshop Management System is an industry specific software that automates many of the daily tasks of running a Mechanical Workshop. As a centralized solution, mechanics can log in and instantly find out what they need to do for the day. Your team can automate customer reminders, and export beneficial management reports that instantly show mechanic efficiency and areas of improvement.

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Final Word,

As a Workshop owner, you want to make sure your mechanics are being as efficient as possible. Your mechanics efficiency can and will determine whether your shop is successful or not. The quicker your mechanics complete jobs, the more bookings you can take. The 5 Tips mentioned above will help your workshop increase mechanic efficiency.

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