What Customers Look For On A Workshop Website

27 Apr 2022 Website


As Australian consumers shift their buying habits to online on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic, the days of not having a website for your Workshop is over. If your Workshop doesn’t have its own unique website, you could risk losing customers to the competition.

With that being said there’s a lot more that goes into having a successful Workshop Website than what might be thought. There’s no point having a Workshop Website if it doesn’t have all the features that customers look for.

Here are the 4 key features customers look for on a Workshop Website.

1. Services List

The most important feature that customers look for on a Workshop Website in 2022 is a Services List. Customers want to know what services a workshop provides and what is doesn’t without having to contact you directly.

Your Workshop Website must have a designated page that clearly lists what services you provide. This section doesn’t need to have too much detail, simple dot points that outline what you do and don’t do is all that is necessary. Customers simply don’t have the time to call or email your Workshop to see if you service or repair their particular vehicle, they want to know here and now.

To see good results from your Workshop Website you need to make sure you have a clear and concise services list available for customers.

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2. Booking Form

The days of taking bookings over the phone or email is long gone. Customers don’t want to and or have the time to call or email a workshop to book their car in for a regular service or repair job. The second most important feature that customers look for on a Workshop Website is a Booking Form.

Having a quick, easy, and accessible booking form available on your website simplifies the customer booking process. Customers no longer need to manually reach out to your shop to book their car in, they can simply access your website, fill in their vehicle details and specify a date. The easier the booking process is for customers the more bookings your shop will generate, it’s that straightforward.

3. Customer Reviews

81% of Australians base their buying decisions on a business’ Online Reviews. To put it simply, if your workshop wants to generate customer bookings through your website you MUST have an Online Reviews Page.

Customers want to see what your Workshop has done for others before they book their car in for a service or repair. Put yourself in your potential customers shoes, would you want to see the track record of a workshop before you put your much-loved car in with them? The answer is most likely yes!

Your Workshop Website should have a dedicated page that displays your Workshops past customer reviews. The page should clearly list all the reviews your Workshop has received in the past and highlight the benefits your Workshop brings to customers. Online Reviews are they key to gaining trust with customers in 2022 and are simply a must have for every Workshop Website.

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4. Pricing

This one is so important; customers always want to know the price! Many Workshops never disclose the price on their website and require customers to call to enquire. If your website doesn’t clearly indicate the price, customers will go with competitors whose website do.

To see great results from your website you need to be open and transparent by including the pricing of your services. If you don’t have a set price, give a rough estimate with a disclaimer. You need to give customers an idea of what they should expect to pay at your Workshop. Customers don’t want to or have the time to call and enquire about prices, including your price makes a massive difference in generating bookings online.

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Final Word,

Workshop Websites are the key to success in the Australian Automotive Industry in 2022. To generate strong results from your website you need to make sure it has everything that customers look for and simplifies the booking journey. The 4 features mentioned above are essential for all Workshop Websites in 2022.

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