Why Auto Repair Workshops Should Focus on Past Customers

08 Nov 2022 Helpful Tips


The key to running a successful Auto Repair Workshop is staying in contact with past customers. Staying in contact with past customers will offer your Workshop many possibilities, some of which you may not be aware of.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Workshop Should Focus on Past Customers.

1. Referral Opportunities

Arguably the biggest benefit of staying in contact with your past customers is it opens your doors to potential new customers through referrals.

If a past customer has had a good experience attending your Workshop, they will be more motivated to refer their friends or family to use your services in the future. The biggest benefit of receiving referral leads from your past customers is it is cheap and limits your customer acquisition costs. If you are getting dozens of referrals, you won’t need to spend thousands on advertising to acquire new customers. Customer Referrals are by far, the cheapest lead source for Mechanical Workshops in 2022!

2. Increases Customer Retention

Another great advantage of keeping in contact with your past customers is it ultimately increases your customer retention rate. By keeping in contact with your past customers, it shows that your shop cares about their best interests. When a customer feels valued, they won’t consider seeking alternative options.

The benefit of having a strong customer retention rate is you maximise cashflow and profitability. Your Workshop will get consistent revenue flowing through your business which will ultimately help your business plan and grow.

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3. Up Selling Opportunities

Having a good relationship with past customers also opens your doors for on-going up selling opportunities. By keeping in touch with your past customers, you can offer any specials, savings offers or anything else your Workshop may have.

If you understand your past customers and their needs, you can offer them something of value. If your past customers feel value in your offers, they will be more motivated to buy from you than another provider, largely due to your on-going relationship. The benefit of up selling is you increase your Workshop’s revenue as well reduce any additional parts or other items that you may need to get rid of.

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4. Reduces Your Advertising Spend

Minimising costs is essential at times like this. Another benefit of keeping in contact with past customers is it reduces your businesses advertising spend. Like mentioned above, if your Workshop starts getting a good number of referral leads from your past customers, you won’t need to spend or dedicate as many funds towards advertising.

By keeping your advertising costs down, you will have more money to spend on the other more important parts of your Workshop that will help you scale into the future!

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5. Helps Improve Your Shop

As an Auto Repair Shop, you can never stop improving. The industry changes fast, as such your business needs to adapt. Another great advantage of keeping in contact with your past customers is you can gain valuable feedback that will help you improve the way your shop operates.

By reaching out to your past customers, you can ask them how your Workshop is performing and if there is anything they would wish you should change to make the experience better. By getting frequent feedback from customers, you can adapt your offering to better suit their needs. The better your Workshops offering is, the more successful you will be!

Final Word,

To be successful in the Auto Repair industry your Workshop needs to build and grow your relationship with Past Customers. The 5 benefits mentioned above are a few great examples of what focusing on Past Customers can do for your Workshop.

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