5 Costly Admin Mistakes Mechanical Workshops Make

25 Oct 2022 Helpful Tips


Administration tasks are always going to be part of running a Mechanical Workshop. Even with technology advancing, there are always going to be certain tasks that cannot be automated and will need to be completed by staff.

In saying that, many Mechanical Workshops make simple and avoidable mistakes when performing administrative tasks that cost both time, money and even customers.

Here are 5 Costly Administration Mistakes Mechanical Workshops Make and How Your Workshop Can Avoid Them.

1. Going Away from the Regular Process

The biggest administration mistake that so many Mechanical Workshops make is going away from the regular process. When a mechanic goes away from the normal process, they risk making a costly mistake and having something important fall through the cracks.

To reduce making a costly administrative mistake, it is important that your Mechanics stick to the regular process when doing any administrative task. Your Workshop needs to ensure all staff are trained correctly and understand the process from back to front before they begin performing the task independently. If your mechanics understand and are comfortable with the process, they will be more likely to stick to it.

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2. Not Entering All Information Into the Relevant Systems

The second most common mistake that so many Mechanical Workshops make when completing admin tasks is not entering all the necessary information into the correct system. Like mentioned in point 1, if you don’t enter all the required information into their relevant location, you risk having something important go missing or be left undone.

Your mechanics need to accurately record and input all data into the relevant system when performing any administrative tasks to avoid losing something that may be extremely important for the shop.

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3. Mechanics Are Not Accountable For Their Actions

The only way that your Workshop is going to be successful is if you hold your staff accountable for their actions. If your Workshop fails to keep staff accountable for their roles and responsibilities, you will increase business overheads and risk customer loss.

Your Workshop needs all staff to work together to achieve their relevant goals. It is important that your Workshop implements tangible and trackable goals and KPIs for staff to achieve. The benefit of implementing KPIs is it keeps staff accountable for their roles and responsibilities and gives them something to strive for when they show up for work everyday.

4. Not Following Up With Mechanics on Assigned Jobs

The worst thing you can do as a Workshop owner is not follow up with your mechanics on assigned tasks. How would you know if your Mechanics have completed what you have asked? How would you know if they had done it correctly? You wouldn’t!

As a Workshop owner, it is imperative that you follow up with your mechanics on assigned jobs. You need to make sure they are performing their jobs to the expected level. The benefit of following up with staff is you will instantly know if something is completed or not and it gives you the ability to help if any issues may have arisen.

5. Having a Complex Process

The harder your Workshops Administration process is, the more likely your staff will be to make a costly mistake. To increase Workshop efficiency and maximise admin accuracy it is important that your Workshop keeps processes as easy as possible.

When your Workshop has an easy process, staff will be able to complete the assigned job at a faster rate and more accurately. Along with this, having a simple process makes it easy for your Workshop to train new staff when and if the situation arrives.

Final Word,

Administration is an important part of running a mechanical workshop. To increase admin efficiency and accuracy, it is important that your staff stick to the agreed process, files everything correctly and are accountable for their actions.

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