How Mechanics Can Increase Bookings Accuracy

26 Jul 2022 Helpful Tips


Customer Bookings are the most important part of running a Mechanical Workshop. With that being said many Workshops continue to struggle with the Job Bookings process and often make mistakes that result in increased costs or loss of customers.

Here’s How Mechanics Can Increase Bookings Accuracy.

1. Have your Own Workshop Website

The reason why many Workshops struggle with the Job Bookings process is because of the process that they use. If your Workshop is still taking bookings via SMS or Email you are significantly increasing the risk of making a costly mistake. To streamline the Job Bookings Process, Workshops should implement their own Workshop Website and forward customers to that destination as a primary method of booking.

The benefit of having a Workshop Website is it simplifies the process for both customers and your Workshop. Customers can easily submit their booking request online at a time that suits them best. For your Workshop, the benefit is you don’t need to have mechanic by the phone or computer taking and confirming job bookings. The less time your mechanics spend taking bookings manually, the less chance they have of making a mistake.

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2. Review your Booking Process

The Australian Auto Repair Industry has changed dramatically over the last two years. The booking process that your shop has been using for years, may not be the most effective and efficient today. To maximise booking accuracy, Workshops need to frequently review their bookings process.

Look at the ways you do things, see if you can identify any areas of improvement and even reach out to other Workshops to see what systems they are using. The more you review your bookings process, the better your process will become.

3. Accurate Reporting

Reporting is the most important part of having a strong booking process. The way your Workshop reports, will determine whether you are successful or not. If your Workshop fails to accurately report, you could be losing thousands that you don’t realise.

To get the best Job booking accuracy it is important that you report. The benefit of reporting is it gives your business vital information that can be used to base future business decisions on. A strong reporting process will tell your shop what areas of the booking process you are doing well and what areas need improvement. The benefit of this is it gives you the ability to make changes to those areas before they become a costly problem for your Workshop.

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4. Customer Feedback

The only way your Workshop is going to improve the Booking Process is by asking for Customer Feedback. To maximise your Workshops booking process it is important that you ask customers for feedback on your service offering.

The benefit of asking for Customer Feedback is it gives your Workshop the ability to hear first-hand from customers what your shop is doing well and what areas many need improvement. For the areas that need improvement you can instantly change your offering to better suit their needs.

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5. Use a Management Software

As a Workshop owner you have a hundred different things to do everyday. Managing the Shop manually increases the risks of making a costly error. To streamline the bookings process, Workshops should implement a mechanic industry specific management software.

Using a Workshop Management Software like Workshop Mate, Mechanics can automate many daily tasks of running a mechanical Workshop. Tasks like Job Management, Customer Bookings, Customer Reminders, Quotes, Invoicing, and much more can be completely automated. The biggest benefit of using a Workshop Management Software is it gives you back time to focus on growing the Workshop.

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Final Word,

To get the best Job Booking Accuracy, your Workshop needs to automate the process. The 5 tips mentioned above will help your Workshop increase booking accuracy and maximise customer retention.

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